The new internet sensation is an online word game called Wordle. In a similar vein as Sudoku, it’s an addictive take on a crossword puzzle that has a simple set of rules.

You have to guess the five-letter word with no clues and only a grid of empty blocks to inspire you. Once you start guessing, you’ll know if you’re on the right track by the coloured blocks of the grid.

Green means you have the correct letter, correct position. Yellow means you have the correct letter, wrong position, and grey means you have the wrong letter, and its not in your Wordle.

Let the colours guide you as you tackle your second and subsequent guesses. Every day a new word is loaded onto the site.

When you’ve completed the Wordle you can share your coloured grid on social media by clicking the share icon that pops up when the puzzle is completed.

The New York Times says the word game also has a love story at the heart of its origins: “Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, knew his partner loved word games, so he created a guessing game for just the two of them. As a play on his last name, he named it Wordle.”

The couple then shared the game on their family Whatsapp group and eventually made it public, inviting the rest of the world to play along.

So if you’ve seen the coloured grids on social media, stop wondering what all the fuss is about and start playing Wordle. You can play Wordle here