In 1944, an American Solider, fell in love with an 18-year-old French girl.

Two months later, he had to leave the village in a hurry for the eastern front, leaving them both wondering whether they would ever meet again.

He kept a picture of her and showed it to journalists from the French broadcaster, France 2, while they were filming a report on veterans in the United States. A few weeks later, he went to France for the commemorative ceremonies marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

To his surprise, journalists had managed to track her down.

Source: BBC

Maurice Carpede is used to dealing with one comedian daily on the Smile Drive, with Angel Campey holding no punches. But this Wednesday the 29th May he’s in for a bumpy ride. There will be not one, not two but FOUR comedians in studio for the Smile Drive from 3-6pm.

Jason, Donovan and Nicholas Goliath are in Cape Town and they’ll be guests on Smile90.4fm. It’s going to be a show not to miss. Tune in from 3-6pm.

You can catch them on stage at the Cape Town Comedy Club in the V&A Waterfront, the GOLIATH TAKEOVER from Wednesday 29 May to Sunday 2 June 2019, with South Africa’s most loved and versatile comedy trio.





Two gorillas have been photographed posing for a relaxed selfie with the rangers who rescued them as babies.

The image was taken at a gorilla orphanage in Virunga National Park, DR Congo, where the animals were raised after poachers killed their parents in 2007.

Source: BBC

Because they’ve grown up with the rangers who rescued them, Innocent Mburanumwe, deputy director of Virunga said “they are imitating the humans” – and standing on two legs is their way of “learning to be human beings”.

But it “doesn’t happen normally”, he said.

“I was very surprised to see it… so it’s very funny. It’s very curious to see how a gorilla can imitate a human and stand up.”

Source: BBC


A 12 year old schoolgirl snapped this picture of what experts are saying is the best image of the Loch Ness Monster in years.

There definitely seems to be something in this photo – whether it’s a seal, a monster or a badly disguised spy submarine, remains to be uncovered.


Credit: Photo by Peter Jolly/REX/Shutterstock 
Photograph taken by 12-year-old, Charlotte Robinson branded the ‘best picture of the Loch Ness Monster for years’

KFC has released a hipster version of the old Colonel Sanders. This millennial version of the Colonel has taken over the KFC Instagram, sporting wavy grey locks atop an almost wrinkle-free face.

In this trend of fake news, this is the cherry on top – He’s not even a real person, but a CGI. Yup, ladies – he’s just a pixelated figment of the advertising agency’s imagination.


He seems to be poking fun at the influencer culture as this new Colonel is advertising everything, except chicken.

But in the end, the Colonel is still #humble and always on brand.

He has a KFC logo on his torso, which reads: “#SecretRecipe for Success”.

He posts about being “just a kid who loves being in the kitchen”.

One thing’s for sure – he’s definitely finger lickin’ good… and I’d like to get a bucket of thighs please.


Source: Instagram


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#ad On the eagle aka the big chicken aka my private jet. Just finished my taxes… And got a refund! Thanks to @turbotax 🙌 Tax day is coming up, so you better get on yours too. I used TurboTax Live  and so should you. Real CPAs and EAs help you with your taxes from basically anywhere. From the comfort of your couch or if you’re waiting for a private jet. Lol. They’ve got tax experts ready to answer all your tax questions. That got me and my media guy Brian thinking that we should do an AMA ‘cause I’ve got all this time on my hands now thanks to TurboTax Live. My AMA will kinda be like how TurboTax Live answered my questions about my taxes. But I can’t help you with taxes. I can just answer important questions about chicken and life. Being willing to take good advice from experts is part of the #secretrecipeforsuccess. #adultingwins #taxday #heresyourchance #ama #secretrecipeforsuccess #turbotax #taxes #friedchicken #friedchickentattoo #advice #success #entrepreneur #behindthecurtain #keys #jetlife #thebigchicken #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork #brian #guru  #worktravel #workfromanywhere #influencerlife

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#ad Self-care is really important. It’s a cliche, but it’s true that when you look good you feel good. And @oldspice definitely helps me look good and feel good. I use Moisturize with Shea Butter Body Wash ’cause #menhaveskintoo. Then I use beard oil to get my beard luscious and patently Colonel. Take some space for self-care, so you look good, then you feel good, then you are more good with yourself, then you can go get your dreams. Like starting an international series of chicken restaurants. Small things like self-care have a huge impact on beard confidence and beard look, which has a huge impact on your goals. That’s why self-care is such an important part of the #secretrecipeforsuccess and it will help you achieve your goals too. #beardhealth #protip #ad #selfcare #beard #taketimeforyourself #artistatwork #lookgoodfeelgood #thisishowyoudoit #friedchicken #advice #success #entrepreneur #behindthecurtain #keys #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork #grooming #clean #shave #mensgrooming #virtualcolonel

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Check it out, fried chicken fam. Not only did I turn myself into a digital, computer-generated influencer, I also got some ink. The one and only @misterctoons gave me this amazing tattoo. I feel like I am both the canvas and inspiration for this beauty. Always try to inspire like I do when I’m making amazing fried chicken. Inspiration is part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess. Stay tuned to my IG to see more from my virtual life, and I’ll also be dropping some wisdom that I call the #secretrecipeforsuccess to help you achieve your dreams. #secretrecipeforsuccess #likeminded #friedchicken #friedchickentattoo  #entrepreneur #behindthecurtain #keys #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork

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At Joshua Tree and feeling so spiritually awake. Being out here really has me connected with not only nature but myself. I find myself looking inside to see what’s really important. How can I be a better Colonel to not only the whole world but myself? That’s something we all should be doing—finding ways to spiritually connect with ourselves. Especially by making pilgrimages to beautiful places that put us in touch with ourselves. I encourage all of my fried chicken fam to take some time to really do this, ’cause getting spiritually in touch with your true self in a beautiful place is a big part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess. #itsallformyfans #humble #blessed #friedchicken #advice #success #entrepreneur #behindthecurtain #keys #respect #inspiration #positive #positivethoughts #artistatwork #workhardplayhard #inspired #meetandgreet #fanlove

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