With school on its way back, one thing most parents are going to be wondering is how to help kids not to lose things.

From books to stationery, lunch boxes to sports equipment and shoes, it is incredibly difficult to keep track of everything. Kids lose stuff and that’s a fact. As the saying goes, they would even forget their heads if they weren’t screwed on!

These things cost a fortune after all!

With that in mind, how do you ensure that your child brings back everything? Angel and Maurice heard the genius lifehacks you use to make sure that the expensive Pritt comes home every day from school on the Smile Drive..

Ina believes that a stern word will do.


While some believe in tough love, Rose had a more practical solution.


Whatever method you choose, from the Smile Drive with Maurice and Angel, we wish you all the best ahead of the academic year, and may the odds always be ever in your favor.




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The Western Cape Education Department has urged matriculants to make use of its Mental Health support services as they prepare for and approach their end-of-year exams.

Education MEC, Debbie Schäfer says each of the province’s education districts has a Specialised Learner and Educator Support team to assist learners during this stressful time.

She says parents and learners can also contact the WCED’s Safe Schools call-centre to be directed to mental-health care services.

Read more on this initiative here.

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