The V&A Waterfront has confirmed all the details of its New Years Eve celebrations

This year the celebration will include shining a beam of light into the sky that will be visible for some distance across Cape Town.

At the Waterfront, the New Year was usually ushered in with a fireworks celebration at midnight, but in 2020 the Waterfront looked for a new way to celebrate the milestone and chose a beam of light as their new symbol to welcome in the New Year.

But the music doesn’t stop, this year the violinist and DJ duo DeVille will lead the celebration with house remixes infused with hypnotic electric violin.

Halfway through their 20-minute performance, they will pause for the traditional New Year countdown. The performance and switching on of the lights will be streamed live via social media for all to see.

For the next six nights, the beam will be lit from 21h00 giving people multiple chances to see it.

The beam, which consists of 36 vertical searchlights, is symbolic of the lives that were lost during the Covid-19 pandemic, the jobs that were affected and the coming together of a nation in solidarity and hope for 2022.

V&A Waterfront restaurants celebrating New Year’s Eve events will host their events in line with Covid-19 regulation.