Renewing your car’s license disc is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you need an intestinal fortitude but also patience the size of Jupiter, especially when you’re pulling up at a traffic department and you see a queue that could give The Great Wall Of China a run for its money.

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Angel shared her troubles with renewing her car license disc which turn out, it’s a circus if you don’t patience by the bucket loads.


Sometimes you go out into the world to do the right thing, only to find out, your proof of address is inadequate for whatever reason.


Many came forward to share their renewal woes with Angel, but anonymously.

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Another anonymous individual came forward. Here’s their story.


The next story from another anonymous individual almost rendered Maurice and Angel speechless! Listen!



Now it’s not all doom and gloom as someone shared their hack of remembering to renew their car’s license disc.



That’s something to remember. Angel and Maurice however had a few questions that needed answering and called Trevor Blake, Director of Revenue Department of the City of Cape Town. You’ll wanna listen to this.



No finally, who’s story was Wall of Fame worthy? Well, another anonymous shared a story of their sibling whose license expiration date goes so far back, if the car was a child, it would be a teen!

These are the traffic laws you probably break every day – and how much you should be fined



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The search for The Voice to on the Wall Of Fame has finally concluded. Maurice and Angel were looking for a Wall of Fame-worthy voice and the song that had to be sung? James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”.

The votes were unanimous. The voice of Anezwa aka Beyonce was a whole mood and worthy of being on the Wall of Fame. Have a listen.



But that was not all. Angel tasked Eugene with compiling all of the voice notes and turning it into James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”, which was no easy feat. Can you spot your voice?


I wonder what James Blunt thinks. We’re sure it’s worthy of a Golden Buzzer. Yes we know it’s a different show but worthy of one and turning a couple of chairs.


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Long gone are the days of long relationships. If you had to google, “the longest relationship”, chances are you’ll find Pete Davidson’s relationship with Kate Beckinsale lasted for only four months.


Kate Beckinsale praises Pete Davidson amid Kim K dating rumors


No judgies but damn, four months is a season in Cape Town which lasts for about 3 hours! Now with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Angel and Maurice were looking for the longest relationship. Natalie shared her story and how long her relationship has been.




Morgan shared this gem of where he met his now-wife in high school!


Ever been with someone so long that you struggle to calculate just how long you’ve been together. Well, Tanya has.

Math lady meme ( illuminati song ) | Math Lady / Confused Lady | Know Your Meme




Chavonne and her partner have been together for some time and Angel asked if they’ve thought of taken it further? You know, the Big “M” word.



Chris’s story is what you came for. A story of reassurance that through thick and thin, love can definitely stand the test of time.



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Most of us remember our first car. Whether you bought it from the dealership or any other means, the memories attached to your “first”, you could write a book.

Angel shared with Maurice on the Smile Drive, her first car, a Mazda Astina, which has clocked over 400 000km!


Corne heard this and raised the bar with his mileage!


Robbie silenced everyone! You’ll never guess the mileage on his Honda Ballade!

So Robbie’s odometer has gone around the clock, reset and sitting at 284 372km!


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Everything nowadays is either digital or there’s a card for it. From shopper cards to movie cards including your banking cards. But how many cards do you have on your person and how many of those cards do you actually use?


Maurice and Angel went in search for the person with the most cards in Cape Town. The number to beat? Angel’s 14 cards.

Anonymous shared how many cards he has.


Alan called and revealed the amount of cards he has.


Turns out Alan has 20 more at home and you’ll never guess what he uses them for at home!


Twenty is a hard number to beat but apparently, not for the Queen with the most cards, Chanelle.

44! That’s just in her daily purse!


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