The World Health Organization (WHO) says reaching a global vaccination equity target of 40% needs a whole of government & society approach.

WHO Director General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus says a more aggressive approach is needed to ensure that globally, more people get immediate access to a Covid-19 vaccine.

He says like any other natural disaster the Covid-19 pandemic should also be treated with urgency.

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The World Health Organization says it hopes to, by February of next year, deliver at least 30% of the required doses of covid-19 vaccines to the African continent.

WHO director general, Tedros Ghebreyesus says the initial aim was to vaccinate at least 60% of the continent’s population by the end of this year.

Ghebreyesus says the big difference in vaccination rates between rich and poor countries can be bridged.

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AU special envoy for Covid-19, Strive Masiyiwa says global partners and sponsors have promised to, as soon as possible, deliver at least 50% of the required doses of Covid-19 needed to vaccinate 60% of the African population.

Masiyiwa says the announcement follows engagements with the WTO, the WHO and other partners.

He says the majority of the doses of vaccine would reach African countries through the COVAX-facility.

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