Inspector Estelle van der Merwe, is wheeling off into the sunset after almost 39 years of service.

Van Der Merwe started her career on 25 July 1983 as a traffic warden and completed her Traffic Diploma at the then-Cape Town Traffic College at Gallows Hill in 1994.

Her passion to serve and ensure that all road users abide by traffic rules soon earned her a ‘no–nonsense’ reputation.

After the successful completion of her diploma, Van der Merwe spent the next few years carrying out her duties in Area South as a traffic officer until she was promoted to the rank of inspector in 2003 and moved to Area West.

Her last few years were spent back home at Gallows Hill Traffic Department, supervising the wardens.

Inspector Van der Merwe will also be remembered for her love of motorcycles.

From the time she obtained her licences in college, she always wanted to ride motorcycles – and nothing else –  despite having been offered a patrol vehicle on numerous occasions.

She rode her traffic service motorcycle until her very last day in service, and true to form, her retirement plans include touring the country on a motorcycle and experiencing true adventure.

I have enjoyed my career with the Traffic Department. Serving and assisting the public to the best of my ability was always my great passion. I  have learnt to be disciplined in all aspects of my life and although I have made many friends and foes,  I have earned their respect. I am looking forward to the next phase of my life and plan to travel, put my feet up and relax.

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, has thanked van der Merwe for her dedication, commitment and perseverance.

Her long and unreserved service is a motivation to her colleagues to keep on with the good work and contribute to a safer road environment. We wish Estelle a well-deserved break, and safe travels as she sets out on her new adventure.