Is a wedding ring a magnet to single people?


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Turns out that it may well be as Maurice and Angel found out on the Smile Drive.

While there’s a scientific study to back the statement, Maurice and Angel heard from the guys who shared how they’ve become more “attractive” to ladies, especially now that they’re married.


Maurice also weighed in as he found himself on the end of some “attention”.


“Anonymous” shared how since he’s gotten married, he’s been getting attention from the ladies.


Jesse shared how whenever he and his wife are at a restaurant, waitresses almost ignore her!

Guess wearing a T-shirt saying “I’m married” is as futile as a drowning man grabbing at straws.


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VHS has long been part of not just mainstream fashion but our lives as well. Who can forget those moments when dad whips out the dusty old VHS marked “Declan’s first steps” which include some cute moments of you eating ice cream with your face instead of your mouth.

Those days are gone thanks to the arrival of DVDs and not streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Showmax and the likes. Where have the tapes gone? They must be somewhere, right? How many are there even?


Well, Maurice and Angel wanted to find the person with the most VHS tapes. They were expecting 10 or 20 at the most, I mean, what type of person keeps all those VHS’s from decades ago.

That’s adorable! Who can forget “A Walk To Remember” with Mandy Moore.

This is where things got interesting.

That sounds legit and it makes sense.

However, Barbara shared her “hold my beer” moment as she shared her astronomical collection which left Maurice and Angel perplexed!




Two – Hundred!

That’s a mini Blockbuster!

That is surely worthy of some award or even a Guinness World Record.

And you have a machine to watch these tapes on!

Well, if those tapes and machines were in my possession, I’d keep em.

They could be worth some $$$ one day!

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We all have heard the saying, ” If it’s not on Instagram, then it didn’t happen.” Not every photo you take makes it on Instagram or on any other social media platform for that matter. But what happens to the photos that are “not good enough” to make the cut?


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The logical thing would be to delete them, right? Wrong! Angel revealed to Maurice that she has over 70 000 photos on her phone. 70 000! But what if we told you that 70 000 is but a drop in the ocean compared to what Nickey Virteu has on her phone.

Have a listen.



Nicky sent us this screenshot of her gallery to prove it.


Think you can you beat that?

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