Skunk the dog, an adorable Boston terrier tragically went missing on Table Mountain on the 16th June 2022. His loving owners frantically searched for the pup who reportedly suffers from epilepsy and needs meds daily, as well as being hard of hearing. Sharing posters, alerting the media and organising search parties – The people of Cape Town combined forces and combed the mountainside for weeks – not wanting to give up hope…

Skunk the Boston terrier being held in someone's arms
Skunk, how he looked moments after he was rescued by the group of dog-walkers.

But then, as it felt almost hopeless, after too many weeks and some bad weather, in a miraculous turn of events, mid morning on the 5th July 2022 – He was spotted by some young girls enjoying the playground in the Rosebank common,  who alerted the closest dog-walkers they could locate – who happened to be: Smile FM’s very own Angel Campey as she was walking her almost 7 month old puppy, Miles.

Listen to how it ALL unfolded here, there are some twists and turns as to how Skunk got all the way to Rosebank!


Then, thanks to social media and Angel’s tweets (the thread is here:)

The mom and aunt of Phoenix (7) and Kimberly (9)  – Taryn De Klerk was able to reach out to the Smile Drive team. They were the kids who approached Angel in the park. Listen to the interview of Cape Town’s youngest new heroines BELOW:

Kimberly and Phoenix on wooden horses in the park
Kimberly (9) left and Phoenix (7) right (Photo used with permission by Mom and Aunt, Taryn De Klerk.

Well done to all involved.

So, happy endings and tears all round.

Skunk the dog is reunited with his family and Cape Town can sleep a little more peacefully tonight!


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