Multichoice has confirmed that the news channel Russia Today is no longer available on DStv. Russia Today was aired on DStv channel 407.

The broadcaster confirmed that it relies on the international feed to enable broadcast in South Africa.

In a tweet, the Multichoice Group said: “Sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union has led to the global distributor of the channel ceasing to provide the broadcast feed to all suppliers, including Multichoice.”

This comes just days after YouTube, TikTok, and Meta, the parent company of Facebook (FB) and Instagram confirmed that they were also taking measures to block Russia Today and its content in Europe.

Some staff members also quit the Russian news outlet, in protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The international community has ramped up sanctions against Russia.

The International Criminal Court also confirmed that it was going to take action. The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has gone on record to confirm that there is an active probe into possible war crimes in Ukraine and that the court “will immediately proceed” with investigations. This action was backed by nearly 40 countries.

Back home, Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said he had also sent a message to the mayor of Kyiv to express solidarity with Ukraine. In a statement, the Cape Town Mayor said: “I informed Mr [Vitali] Klitschko that the City of Cape Town stands alongside other nations and cities around the free world in calling for peace in Ukraine and an end to Russian imperialist aggression.”

The Cape Town City Hall was also used as a symbol of solidarity with Ukraine: “The gesture of illuminating Cape Town City Hall in Kyiv’s colours will serve as a reminder of the torment the city and its residents are facing. Through this small gesture, we are also calling on our national government – and other governments around the world – to do more for peace to be restored and for the unprovoked and illegal aggression against the Ukrainian people to be halted,” said Hill-Lewis.