The Cape Town Cycle Tour is taking place in the Mother City on Sunday and if you aren’t going to hop onto your bike then you need to be aware of which roads will be closed this weekend.

The world’s biggest timed cycle race has gone a bit of a different route this year. All the funds from the cycle tour will go to charity.

The Pedal Power Association and The Rotary Club of Claremont are the worthy beneficiaries.

Director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, Dave Bellairs says this year it’s all about enjoying the ride and taking in the sights and sounds of Cape Town.

All of the road closures are available HERE. Some MyCiTi services will also be affected by road closures.

The riders will also be starting and ending the race a bit differently this year. In a statement, the organisers say that in line with the guidelines issued by the authorities and Cycling SA around mass participation sporting events and to assist with the managing of uncontrolled gatherings before the start, the cycle tour devised plans for Transition Areas from which cyclists will be released to head down towards the start line.

There are six of these Transition Areas. Participants will be guided before heading down to the start line and the timing mats for a rolling start. Each rider’s riding time will only start once they have crossed the actual timing mat.

The end of the race will also be different this year as there will be no events after the race, riders will not be gathering en masse at the end of the race.