The Mercedes F1 team will host an unexpected guest in their factory. The Brackley based team, who have won the past 8 F1 constructors titles, will have to show their biggest rival, Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner around their workshop.

The 48-year old Horner won this opportunity at the Autosport Award Charity Auction over the weekend. While interest in the tour was evident, Horner didn’t let slip in missing his window. His bid of £4 000 (R84 203,88) came out on top. That handed him a golden chance to scope out his opposition ahead of the 2022 F1 season.

It is expected that the Red Bull team boss will head to the factory with little malicious intent. However, Horner might have a couple of practical jokes up his sleeve. The money made at the auction will be used for a good cause, with the proceeds going directly into the Grand Prix Trust.

Toto Wolf and Christian Horner facing off.In an interview with, the 4-time Constructors Championship winner jokingly said that he wants to unleash a team of 20 on the Mercedes factory. He did however confirm that he’ll be inviting along his Chief Technical Officer, Technical Director and Director of Production.

“It will be interesting to go and see how they’re spending their budget cap,” boffed Christian Horner. He also accentuated the fact that his successful bid will go toward a great cause.

The 2022 F1 season will get underway on 18 March in Bahrain.

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