SAHPRA’s professor Helen Rees has again urged residents to wait at least one month, after testing positive for covid-19, before getting vaccinated.

Rees, the CEO at SAHPRA says getting a vaccination, while still recovering from the virus could have negative effects on peoples’ bodies.

She says one should allow your body to fully recover from the infection, before going for an injection.

Follow her full briefing here.

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SAHPRA says with new variants of Covid-19 that are being observed, getting vaccinated still is the best way to protect one-self from getting severely ill.

SAHPRA CEO professor Helen Rees says even though the vaccines are not 100% effective against preventing infection they provide significant protection against developing severe illness and death.

During a parliamentary briefing this week, Rees said getting vaccinated would also help reduce pressure on the country’s healthcare system.

She says the vaccines remain effective against the new Covid-19 variants.

She urges residents to continue practicing the health- and safety measures even after getting vaccinated.

Access her full briefing here.

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