Local virology-expert, Professor Barry Schoub says it is still advisable that South Africans continue wearing a face mask to help protect themselves from contracting Covid-19.

This, after many residents hoped the adjusted health- and safety regulations, published this week, came with the ditching of the masking rule.

Schoub says with the uptick in infections, it is best to, especially when indoors and around others, to continue masking up.

He says there is enough evidence that points to the efficacy of masks.

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South African virologist professor Barry Schoub says the adjusted vaccination regime, announced over the weekend, may hopefully lead to a dramatic uptake in Covid-19 booster shots.

The adjustments now allow for recipients, who have already had two Pfizer shots, to get their booster shot 3 months after their second dose.

From today, people 18 years and older, who have received their first J&J vaccine dose, can choose to have a Pfizer booster.

Schoub spoke to ENCA and says South Africans can now also decide which brand of vaccine, whether Pfizer or J&J, to take for their booster dose.

He says there are enough vaccines in stock to administer these booster doses.

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