The SA Post Office (Sapo) has confirmed that it’s suspended the airmail service between South Africa and Hong Kong. SAPO says that the suspension is due to a lack of capacity on aircraft.

In a statement the SA Post Office said the service would be reintroduced as soon as space becomes available: “The mail service to and from China remains in operation. When sending items to other countries, please make sure that the items will be allowed into the country.  The best source of information is the website of the postal administration in the destination country.”

The statement continues: “New Zealand and Australia, for example, do not allow any items made of wood or straw. This means that a traditional pencil, for example, will be confiscated.”

Airmail between South Africa and China was suspended in April as parts of the Asian country were in lockdown due to increased Covid-19 cases.

This meant that travel restrictions were in place and there was also a lack of air connections to China which hampered the SAPO service.

SAPO’s service to Ukraine and Russia has also been hampered this year following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the time SAPO said: “Customers who send items to other countries must make sure they do not send anything that is not allowed in the mail, which includes any arms, ammunition, explosives, liquids or items that could break and leak. No plant or animal material may be sent to other countries.”

“The parcel should be sturdy, the address correct and the receiver’s mobile phone number should appear on the parcel, as the post office in the destination country needs it to send the receiver a text message to collect the item.”

Customers can also easily access the electronic customs declaration form on the Post Office website for quick clearance of parcels.  The form is under “tools” on the website