Police Minister Bheki Cele says more must be done to close down illegal shebeens across the country.

Cele says illegal shebeens add to the high levels of alcohol abuse among young people while it also contributes to the high incidences of gender-based violence.

The Minister addressed residents in Langa yesterday and said those municipal officials who issue licenses to shebeens, illegally, should also be traced and arrested.

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Police minister Bheki Cele says more than 4,800 police officers have been deployed to KwaZulu-Natal to assist with law enforcement- and clean-up operations.

Cele provided an update on the current security situation in the province and said the law enforcement officers would be doing duty in the province for the next few weeks.

The Minister says more than 28,000 people have already been assisted, between 8 and 19 April.

Meanwhile, authorities in KZN adjusted the official death toll due to the floods.

The latest confirmed death toll now stands at 435.

Fifty-four people are still missing.

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