Only 5% of South Africans, who are eligible, have already received a Covid-19 booster dose.

This refers to those who have had a third injection of the Pfizer vaccine, or their second dose of the Johnson & Johnson injection.

Prof. Barry Schoub, member of the Vaccine Ministerial Advisory Committee, says a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine is needed to further protect people against serious forms of Covid-19.

Schoub spoke to ENCA and says it seems that people may have to go for a booster dose, on a regular basis, as the pandemic continues to develop.

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South African virologist professor Barry Schoub says the adjusted vaccination regime, announced over the weekend, may hopefully lead to a dramatic uptake in Covid-19 booster shots.

The adjustments now allow for recipients, who have already had two Pfizer shots, to get their booster shot 3 months after their second dose.

From today, people 18 years and older, who have received their first J&J vaccine dose, can choose to have a Pfizer booster.

Schoub spoke to ENCA and says South Africans can now also decide which brand of vaccine, whether Pfizer or J&J, to take for their booster dose.

He says there are enough vaccines in stock to administer these booster doses.

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Approving additional brands of Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa would help counter any future disruptions in the country’s vaccine roll-out.

This, according to Professor Gregory Hussey, of the Faculty of Health Sciences, at the University of Cape Town.

Hussey welcomed the news that, except for the Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer-vaccines, other brands of vaccines may soon be introduced here.

He says the global demand for vaccines will, for a while still, cause strain on vaccine-supply to especially African countries.

The Department of Health recently said that the Sinovac vaccine has been provisionally approved for use in the country, while the Astra-Zeneca may also, in future, be used here again.

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The US consulate here in Cape Town says the millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines, donated to South Africa by the US government, will help the country increase its vaccination figure even further over the next few weeks.

The Joe Biden administration this week announced that it will ship up to 10-million doses of vaccine to Africa, with more than 6-million doses that will be delivered to South Africa.

The Deputy spokesperson at US Embassy in Cape Town, Nicholas Hersh says South Africa will receive the first shipment of Pfizer-vaccines by Saturday.

Hersh says the US government pledged to donate 500-million vaccine doses to countries around the world.

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