The National Institute of Communicable Diseases says patients, who reside in or have recently travelled to malaria-prone areas, should also be tested for malaria if they show flu-like symptoms.

The Institute says this is especially important for patients who reside in Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal or Mpumalanga, or who have recently travel to or from Mozambique.

The NICD says many malaria cases are being misdiagnosed as COVID-19 as both diseases have similar non-specific early symptoms.

Principal Medical Scientist at the NICD, Dr. Jaishree Raman.

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South African health authorities have seen a marked decrease in the number of excess deaths reported during the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Public Health Specialist at the National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Dr. Waasila Jassat this decrease in excess mortalities has become more apparent over the past 2 to 3 weeks.

Jassat says all other indicators, such as hospitalizations, severe disease and ICU treatment, have also, in this current wave, seen a drastic decline.

Access the Health Department’s latest Covid-19 update here.

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