The long-distance bus company, Intercape, says it has recorded more than 80 attacks on its buses in 2022 alone.

The company says the attacks started in 2019 and have, since then, gradually increased.

Intercape’s legal representative, Jac Marais, appeared before the Standing Committee on Transport and Public Works earlier today.

Marais says the company has to, on a regular basis, deal with its buses being stoned, and shot at.

Marais says there has also been an increase in incidences of extortion and intimidation.

Three of the company’s buses were attacked in Cape Town this week.

On Wednesday, one of its buses came under fire on the N2 highway near Nyanga, just before the Jakes Gerwel off-ramp.

The driver was shot and wounded, Intercape said in a statement.

A short while later, a second Intercape coach was shot at in the same area.

No one was injured and there were no passengers on board at the time.

The attacks came after a driver was shot and wounded outside the depot on Sunday. The driver was in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

In April, 35-year-old Intercape bus driver Bangikhaya Machana died in hospital days after being shot outside the company’s depot.

Follow the Standing Committee on Transport and Public Works sitting here.

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