City of Cape Town officials said alcohol confiscations is once more increasing. This follows a dramatic dip in confiscations last summer when beaches were closed due to lockdown restrictions, the City notes with concern that many people continue to disregard the by-laws prohibiting alcohol in public spaces. Read more below:

The City’s enforcement staff confiscated nearly 5 500 bottles of alcohol since 16 December.

That equates to 2 941 litres, which is slightly higher than the totals at the same point in the 2019/20 festive season.

Mayco member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith says: “These statistics are most concerning, as it means that people simply are not heeding our calls to leave their alcohol at home, showing very little regard for the law, their personal wellbeing and the safety of others around them. With the new year’s weekend still to come, I shudder to think what the totals would look like by next week. Drinking in public, and the antisocial behaviour that often comes with it is nothing to be proud of and it is time that we start calling out those who continue to engage in this selfish behaviour.”

Meanwhile,  Cape Town Traffic Service made 45 arrests, of which 35 were for driving under the influence of alcohol. Officers also impounded 38 vehicles, 30 cellphones and issued 54 321 fines.

Law Enforcement officers made 72 arrests and issued 1 694 notices, while their Metro Police counterparts also arrested 72 suspects and issued 3 504 traffic and bylaw fines.

K9’s Flynn and Kubla Khani have handed in their badges after eight years of service with the unit.

The dogs have been adopted by two handlers in the K9 unit – Constables Sharone Larry and Constable Clinton Adams – so they’ll remain part of the K9 family.

Both dogs were born in 2011, and acquired by the Metro Police Department in 2013.

K9 Flynn was trained to protect, but also to detect explosives.

His biggest bust came in 2015, when he led officers to hand grenades, a mortar and R5 magazines and ammunition buried in an open field in Montana.

K9 Flynn has handed in his badge

‘Although he was excellent at his job, Flynn could also be very stubborn. When he got distracted, you couldn’t get anything out of him, particularly on hot days. But he would delight bystanders with his impressive bite work during our K9 education and awareness shows. Flynn will be dearly missed, but we thank him for his hard work,’ said his handler, Sergeant Celestina Temmis.

Kubla Khani picked up an injury during training, which meant that she could not pursue active duty, but she remained part of the team.


K9 Kubla Khani with handler Teryl Koen‘She has a very good temperament and is extremely intelligent. Khani’s been known to make her presence felt, having disrupted more than a few meetings with her morning bark,’ said Instructor, Teryl Koen.

The Metro Police K9 unit currently has 19 active K9s and two in training.

‘The unit was established as part of safety and security planning for the 2010 soccer World Cup and has scored numerous goals since, with countless successes. We are immensely proud of the work being done by the K9 unit, and we also thank K9s Flynn and Khani for their contribution to the team’s success,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

K9's Kubla Khani and Flynn have resigned