Where do you stash your cash?

There are a few different places you can hide your money. But some are better than others and in light of the recent news, definitely better than your farm where your $4million could get legs.

If you’re thinking of keeping your hard-earned cash safe, here are some of the well-known places to NOT stash anything.

  • Under a mattress. If you’re going to hide your money under a mattress, make sure you use an old one—you don’t want anyone thinking you’re trying to get rid of something gross!


  • In an envelope under the floorboards. This is one of the most popular places people hide their cash. Just make sure nobody else knows about it!


  • In a book. Place the money between pages or in between book covers—it’s easy to forget about if you don’t read much! You can spend all day reading and no one will suspect anything!

Amanda did exactly just that and found a lovely surprise!

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Maurice and Angel heard of the best places you’ve stashed your cash and this could possibly help any future would-be farmer who has a few foreigns lying around to stash its way in places no one would ever think of looking.


  • Siegfried had a simple and ingenious idea!


  • Kelly shared an oldie but a goldie.


  • Now here’s some solid financial advice. Give the money away. By away, we mean pool it together. Felicity explains.


  • Terra has a heavy-weight solution to keeping your cash safe.


Now that you know of the good places to stash your cash, Agatha had one question.


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