The President of the SA Rugby Union (SARU) Mark Alexander again urged the government to immediately reinstate the 100% capacity at the country’s rugby stadiums.

Alexander says the sport is currently under heavy financial pressure, due to the two years of lockdown restrictions, and the 50% limit at major sporting events.

He says rugby tournaments can generate up to R18.6-billion this year if fully attended.

Alexander urges the government to lift the attendance restrictions before July when the Springboks play their first Test for 2022.

Alexander says it’s unfair that shopping malls are allowed to receive large numbers of people on a daily basis, while sporting events have to be content with half-empty stadiums.

He says it is extremely important for the sport if it wants to survive this financial year, that more people should be allowed at stadiums.

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South African employers should, as their staff complement returns to the office on a more full-time basis, make work environments more engaging and stimulating.

Managing Director at Dyna Training, Roland Innes says this would encourage employees to be more eager to return to the office, after almost two years of working remotely.

Innes says many employees, here and in the US, feel overwhelmed with having to be back in the office for a full 8 hours.

He says this can prompt them to resign or find other employment opportunities.

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The Great Resignation of 2021 will continue to pick up momentum in 2022 as more people are expected to return to the office on a more full-time basis.

In the United States alone, more than 65-million people resigned last year, choosing to rather work remotely or try out new careers instead of returning to the office for a full 8-hour workday.

Managing Director of Dyna Training, Roland Innes says the trend would also gain traction in South Africa as more businesses now re-open fully after months of lockdown restrictions.

Innes says vaccine mandates at workplaces may also deter employees from returning to the office.

He advises employers to consult with their workforce before concreting return-to-work strategies.

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