With nearly 70-percent of Western Cape healthcare workers that have already been vaccinated against the virus there has been a significant reduction in staff becoming seriously ill or even dying if they contract the virus.

This according to the Head of Health, Dr Keith Cloete who says that, compared to last year, there are now far fewer people in the sector who have to be admitted to hospital if they do get infected with covid-19.

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The Western Cape’s public health-care system will be able to activate an additional 2,700 beds to treat patients in the third Covid-19 wave.

This, according to the Western Cape Head of Health, Dr. Keith Cloete who says the province activated 1,680 beds in the first wave, while 2,330 beds were brought online in the second wave.

Cloete says with the third-wave peak now weeks way, the healthcare system is ready to admit patients that would need immediate medical care.

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The Western Cape Health Department says the Athlone Sports Stadium will, in August, open as the Western Cape’s third mass-vaccination centre.

This follows the opening of the CTICC mass-vaccination centre this past week, here in the Mother City.

The Athlone Stadium will be the first drive-through and walk-through site in the province.

The aim is for the walk-in facility to be operational in early August and the drive through facility, two weeks later.

An intensive traffic plan is being finalised to minimise long queues as far as possible.

The drive-through will follow the same steps as a walk-through, with cars stopping at four stations, which will ensure that residents are successfully screened, registered and vaccinated.

Head of Health, Dr. Keith Cloete says the additional clinic would significantly aid in ramping up the province’s vaccination capabilities.

He says the province has, to date, administered more than half-a-million vaccinations.

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The Western Cape will, over the next 2 weeks, start activating more of its Covid-19 bed-capacity, to cater for the rise in hospital admissions.

Head of Health, Dr. Keith Cloete says there are currently more than 1 800 patients admitted for Covid-complications.

Cloete says that, currently, more than 730 patients are being treated in public healthcare facilities, while more than 1 100 patients have been admitted to private facilities.

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The Western Cape Head of Health, Dr Keith Cloete says it is especially people in affluent neighborhoods of the Mother City who have contracted Covid-19 over the past 2 weeks.

Cloete says this has led to the significant increase in infections in the Cape Town Metro.

Cloete says the province is now on the verge of its third wave of Covid-19, with another significant increase in infections expected this week.

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