Liqui Fruit has announced that some of its 100% apple juice products have been recalled.

This is because of elevated levels of a natural toxic substance that was found in apple concentrate supplied to Pioneer Foods.

The company said that a limited quantity of apple juice concentrate contained elevated levels of patulin.

In a statement CEO Tertius Carstens says: “We have taken the decision, as a precautionary measure and with the interests of our consumers at heart, to launch a recall of products produced from the apple juice concentrate batch in question.”

The following LiquiFruit 100% Apple Juice products sold in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia are affected:

  • Liqui Fruit Clear Apple 250ml carton

Single unit barcode: 60052599

Date coding: PD 11.06.2021 / BB 11.06.2022

  • Liqui Fruit Clear Apple 330ml can

Single unit barcode: 6001240225561

Date coding: PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022

PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022

  • Liqui Fruit Clear Apple 300ml can

Single unit barcode: 6001240239346

Date coding: PD 21.06.2021 / BB 21.06.2022

  • Liqui Fruit Clear Apple 1L

Single unit barcode: 6001048000339

Date coding: PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022

PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022

Last month, the Acting National Consumer Commissioner urged consumers who bought Appletiser products to immediately return them to the retailers following a recall by Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa. Acting Commissioner Thezi Mabuza said that according to Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa, their quality check routine including laboratory testing revealed that these batches contain toxins that were outside of the acceptable standard.