Exporting millions of doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from South Africa, adds to vaccine-colonialism.

This, according to a consortium of civil society and health organisations which this week reacted to a New York Times report that millions of doses of the J&J vaccine, produced in the Eastern Cape, are being exported to other parts of the World.

It is not only South Africa that is pulling at the short end of the agreement with Johnson and Johnson but also other African countries.

Professor Matthew Kavanaugh, of the Georgetown University in the USA, says the whole incident is a repeat of history, where European countries and companies put their own people first.

Kavanaugh says if this continues happening, vaccine inequity would continue occurring.

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Approving additional brands of Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa would help counter any future disruptions in the country’s vaccine roll-out.

This, according to Professor Gregory Hussey, of the Faculty of Health Sciences, at the University of Cape Town.

Hussey welcomed the news that, except for the Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer-vaccines, other brands of vaccines may soon be introduced here.

He says the global demand for vaccines will, for a while still, cause strain on vaccine-supply to especially African countries.

The Department of Health recently said that the Sinovac vaccine has been provisionally approved for use in the country, while the Astra-Zeneca may also, in future, be used here again.

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