Water plays an important role in the well being of the human being. Right from the skincare to the health, water is an essential item. But when we consume water in a hot form it becomes beneficial as it improves our digestion, congestion and even relaxes our stress level. Many celebrities also stress upon having hot water with lime as it not only energizes but also helps in reducing weight.
A common recommendation from doctors is that an adult should drink eight 8 glasses of water in a day in order to keep themselves hydrated.
1. Nasal Congestion: When we drink hot water, the steam which is coming out of it we are actually inhaling it and it helps in loosening clogged sinuses and also releases stress.
2. Digestion: Water is good when comes to digestion. Water helps in digesting food properly and keeping intestine in good shape.
3. Constipation: One of the common problems in India can be cured with regular consumption of hot water. Water helps in releasing waste from our body.
4. Weight loss: Hot water with lime is a boon. Lime is a booster of vitamin C and hot water will help in burning extra calories from the body.
5. Stress level and toxin: These days when work pressure is increasing every day and so is the tension. Water comes at rescue. Always drink hot water which helps in the nervous system and also eases out the anxiety. Regular bath from hot water also reduces toxin from the body.
Hot water has many benefits and if consumed regularly it will be good for our healthy life. So, start your hot water diet today and tell us about the experience.
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