The Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine protected between 91 and 96% of healthcare workers against death.

This, according to researchers heading the Sisonke Covid-19 vaccine study, which was piloted here in South Africa.

According to co-lead investigator, professor Glenda Gray, the study was rolled-out to just under 500-thousand healthcare workers at 120 health-care sites.

Gray says the vaccine also proved to be effective against the Delta-variant of Covid-19.

Watch the full briefing here.

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With nearly 70-percent of Western Cape healthcare workers that have already been vaccinated against the virus there has been a significant reduction in staff becoming seriously ill or even dying if they contract the virus.

This according to the Head of Health, Dr Keith Cloete who says that, compared to last year, there are now far fewer people in the sector who have to be admitted to hospital if they do get infected with covid-19.

Follow the full briefing here.

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