What started as a small-scale garlic project in Murraysburg, is now playing a role in creating much-needed jobs in the Central Karoo town.

This follows the financial support of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

Murraysburg Garlic (Pty) Ltd was the brainchild of the grandfather of brothers Craig and Ryan Newborn. He was determined to secure the future of employees who had been employed on the family farm for a long time.

The Department says following the repair of the town’s water infrastructure in 2017, the business was born. Garlic processing manager

MEC Ivan Meyer says the project has generated five permanent and 35 seasonal job opportunities.

The processing Manager is Martha Booysen, who highlights that several women are involved in the packaging of garlic bulbs.

“I have been with the project since the beginning. We are thrilled to be part of this project. We work hard, and we are proud of our achievements. Plans are going ahead to construct a fully equipped processing plant to expand operations. The intention is to grow the business and introduce more youth to the garlic industry.”

With the recent sharp increase of garlic prices the garlic industry is certainly a good place to be!