Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has invited international businesses, attending this year’s Mining Indaba, to set up offices here in the Mother City.

He says businesses can then use Cape Town as their base from which to interact and engage with their global partners.

Hill-Lewis officially opened the investment gathering at the CTICC this week where he welcomed more than 6,000 visitors to the City.

He says Cape Town already plays home to hundreds of other international companies and has the necessary workforce, infrastructure, and skills.

Hill-Lewis told delegates that South Africa needs serious and urgent economic reform to grow the economy, create jobs and get people out of poverty.

He says in Cape Town, the local government is showing what can be achieved with a capable state and taking bold steps towards becoming the best place in Africa to do business.

He adds that the City is ramping up our call for “functional federalism”.

This means that where other spheres of government can perform functions more effectively than the national government, those functions should be devolved.

He invited CEOs and executives of firms considering leaving South Africa for elsewhere on the continent or around the world, to not leave South Africa without finding out what Cape Town has to offer.

Read the Mayor’s complete statement here.

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