President Cyril Ramaphosa says the country’s teachers could expect to receive their Covid-19 vaccination over the next few weeks.

He says millions more doses of Covid-19 vaccines are expected to reach the country soon.

Ramaphosa says the local production of vaccines – at the Aspen Pharmacare facility in the Eastern Cape – would now be ramped up.

He says the 2-million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – which had to be destroyed due to contamination – will also be replaced by the company.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has again assured South Africans that, despite the initial challenges faced, millions more residents would soon be vaccinated against Covid-19.

He said this on Tuesday evening, when announcing the country’s migration to level 3 of lockdown.

Ramaphosa says millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines are expected to reach the country in the next few weeks to months.

He says global vaccine shortages also affected the roll-out of South Africa’s vaccine strategy.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has congratulated the National Department of Health for reaching the 1-million Covid-19 vaccination milestone.

Ramaphosa delivered the Presidency’s budget vote in the National Assembly this week and said despite the initial delays that hit the country’s vaccinations strategy, millions more people should be vaccinated over the coming weeks.

He says one of the biggest priorities of the Presidency, this year, would be to defeat and overcome Covid-19.

Ramaphosa says cooperation between African countries has helped the continent fight Covid-19 more effectively.

He said during South Africa’s chairmanship of the African Union, a continent-wide Covid-19 strategy was immediately developed and implemented in response to the virus.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says an effective and comprehensive global vaccination strategy is vital to ending the Covid-19 pandemic.

He addressed delegates during the 74th World Health Assembly this week and said the pandemic not only laid bare the shortcomings of many healthcare systems but also highlighted the extent to which all countries are connected.

Ramaphosa again called for more vaccine-doses to be made available, as a matter of urgency to ensure that more people, globally, get vaccinated.

He says the pandemic’s negative economic and social effects would, in the long run, be felt in every country across the World.

He also urged vaccine-production to be significantly increased.

Ramaphosa says more robust pandemic response systems globally.


The President also boasted on how well South Africa responded to the pandemic over the past year.

He says planning for future pandemics should start now.

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