The Solidarity Fund has, since its inception, distributed more than R170-million to the national Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The funds were allocated to more than 200 Government-owned vaccination sites where, to date, more than 850,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine had been distributed.

These doses were distributed across the country’s nine provinces.

Last week it was announced that the Fund will be wrapping up its operations at the end of September this year.

Spokesperson, Didi Masoetsa.

Masoetsa says the fund could be called back into operation, in the future, should the need arise.


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The World Health Organization says it is not seeing a lot of cases of people getting reinfected with the new mutation of the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

The WHO’s Dr. Maria van Kerkhove says there are ongoing studies to determine if patients, who have been infected with the BA.1 sub-lineage, do in fact get reinfected with the BA.2 sub-lineage.

Van Kerkhove says preliminary results do not show an increased risk of getting reinfected.

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The World Health Organization has urged manufacturers to make Covid-19 testing kits more readily available and affordable.

Executive director of the WHO health emergencies programme, Dr. Mike Ryan says high costs remain a barrier to testing.

He says low levels of testing lead to a further spread of the virus in, for example, office buildings where a lot of people congregate.

Ryan says reduced testing may also lead to the incorrect assumption that infections are on the decrease.

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The World Health Organization has cautioned against the abolishing of Covid-19 isolation protocols.

The WHO’s Dr. Maria van Kerkhove says allowing people who test positive to continue engaging with others will lead to the further spread of the virus.

She says proper testing also ensures that those, who may end up in hospital with severe forms of the virus, get early treatment and care.

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While you and I were still decyphering Uncle Cyril’s #FamilyMeeting speech,  Texas governor, Greg Abbott, took it upon himself to go after South Africa. Yes. One man versus a country of over 57 million.

We’re no strangers to politicking by why involve South Africa in American affairs and besides, there’s a whole ocean to cross.



Wrong Answers Only, how are you getting to Texas? Maurice and Angel heard from Cape Town how they’re getting to Texas.


The best one came from Jean.

This is Kobus’s face after arriving in Texas.

Maurice had one question though.


Trump had something to say about that…



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