Power-utility, Eskom, says it made available land in Mpumalanga for the erection of renewable-energy production plants.

CEO Andre de Ruyter says the 4 000 hectares of land will allow private investors to set up generation facilities close to coal-fired power stations.

De Ruyter says the additional capacity, generated by these new, privately-managed plants, would give Eskom the headroom to take some of its aging generation units off the grid.

He says this will allow them to then perform much-needed repairs and maintenance without putting the national grid under additional pressure.

De Ruyter says interest from private businesses has been impressive.

He also says the power utility is working closely with the Department of Energy to fast-track the process of getting more electricity generators connected to the national grid.

De Ruyter says they are also cooperating with the Independent Power Producers office to assist, where they can, with the implementation of Windows 5 and 6 of the IPP programme.

He says to bring loadshedding to an end is of greatest priority.

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Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter says immediate action will be taken against managers who do not fulfill their duties.

De Ruyter says Eskom management’s patience, with leaders who are not performing, has run out.

He confirmed that there are several station managers who simply do not do their job.

He says under-performing managers will be punished or suspended.

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Eskom Chief Executive Andre de Ruyter says the power-utility’s unplanned capacity outages is currently sitting at one of its lowest-ever levels.

The Medupi power station, where an explosion was reported in August of last year, and the Koeberg Unit 2, which is currently out of service for maintenance, also contributes to the decreased availability of power on the national grid.

De Ruyter says this impressively low levels of outages is a positive reflection on the performance of the national grid.

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