Major losses might be a reality for the Western Cape if residents don’t complete Census 2022.

Statistics South Africa extended the deadline for the Census in the Western Cape due to the slow uptake from residents.

Premier Alan Winde says R9.7 billion could be cut from the Western Cape budget if residents don’t come forward and complete the Census. He added that the province could lose funding equivalent to 1615 doctors or 5981 nurses, and 9300 teachers if only 70% of residents get counted.

Winde says: “In money terms, we stand to lose R9.7 billion, or over 16% of our provincial equitable share, if only 70% of residents get counted. This would shave R2.6 billion in funding off our health budget and R4.2 billion off our education budget, with smaller departments also suffering losses. In short, service delivery in the Western Cape will suffer a major blow across the board if residents do not make sure they are counted.”

The data from the census is used by the government and particularly National Treasury to allocate state resources to departments, municipalities and provincial governments.

Winde says: “While we have seen increases in the number of persons counted, the numbers remain too low. To put it simply, if we only manage to count 70% of the population, the available spending per person would be reduced by more than R1 300 per person per annum in the provincial equitable share.”

The Census in the Western Cape has been extended to 14 May 2022.

You can complete the Census questionnaire online: HERE.  For queries, you can contact the Census call centre at 0800 110 248 or email:

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) says that the Census 2022 will be extended to 20 March 2022.

The population count started on 2 February and was initially sentenced to end on 28 February. This census included digital and face-to-face data collection. Stats SA says that by 24 February they had already reached 2 million households.

Census 2022 Project Director, Calvin Molongoana says that even the online census has been slow and that field workers would follow up with people who had registered to complete the census online.  Only 25% percent of people who had registered for the online census had logged on and completed the questionnaire.

The cut-off date to complete the online census is 25 February and people who registered were sent reminders via email and SMS to complete the survey.

Molongoana admitted that there have been logistical hiccups in collecting data, including reaching households in rural areas and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement Stats SA said: “Looking at the number of households that still need to be counted, we have decided to extend the period of enumeration. We have now extended online counting until Friday, 25th February 2022. Those who have registered to be counted over the phone, by availing their contact details will be called and interviewed, otherwise our fieldworkers will continue to visit every dwelling unit to count people through personal interviews. Both personal and telephone interviewing will run concurrently until the 20th March 2022.”

Anyone who needed assistance with the Census 2022 or the online process is encouraged to call 0800 110 248 (toll-free) for assistance.