Food group Pioneer Foods, has launched a recall of specific batches of Safari peanuts & raisins, and cashew nuts.

This recall applies not only in South Africa but also in Botswana and Namibia.

In a statement, the company said: “On 17 November 2021, a limited number of cases of Safari 60 g Peanuts & Raisins (Best Before: 27/10/2022) and Safari 100 g Raw Cashews (Best Before: 27/6/2022) were released to the trade, despite having been isolated and ringfenced for destruction. These are the only SKUs that have been affected.”

Pioneer Foods CEO Tertius Carstens added: “This limited number of affected products should never have been released into trade, and whilst we have not received any health-related complaints from consumers to date, we have decided to proceed to proactively recall these specific products.”

The company added: “Routine testing at the Safari production site in KwaZulu Natal, identified a batch of products that tested positive for low levels of salmonella typhimurium (“salmonella”). Based on safety protocols, production was immediately halted, the product was placed on hold and ringfenced. The production site was then deep-cleaned, and vector sampling was completed.”

Pioneers Foods said it had contacted the South African National Consumer Commission and the South African Department of Health informing them of the recall.

By 06 December 2021, the company confirmed that it had managed to retrieve 92 percent of the affected products.

Product Variety Pack size  PD and BB dates Image Country
Peanuts &  Raisins 60 g BB 27/ 10/2022 SA & Namibia
Cashews Raw 100 g BB 27/6/2022 SA & Botswana