Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has written to the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality offering Cape Town’s assistance to help that city weather the threat of Day Zero.

He says the assistance would be made available in the form of technical support and advice.

The Mayor says the memories of Cape Town’s own Day Zero are still fresh in residents’ memories.

Read Hill-Lewis’ full statement here.

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The Stormers and the Bulls will meet this weekend in a massive clash in Cape Town, as the United Rugby Championship (URC) will crown its first champions this coming Saturday, 18 July 2022. And a feather in the cap for South Africa. No matter what happens, the URC trophy will find a home in the Southern Hemisphere.

A shaky start

The South African franchises ran into some trouble in the first couple of rounds. According to pundits, our teams would have a write-off year and needed time to adjust. However, when the Springboks returned from international duty, the momentum shifted.

Home ground also held more of an advantage in this, the inaugural season. A large majority of players played in unfamiliar locations with a lesser familiarity with conditions. That was especially problematic for the teams that played in the Highveld for the first time.

But now, nine months on, the only two teams who remain standing in the URC are the Stormers and the Bulls.

Evan Roos on his way to score a try for the StormersNorth vs South

In North-South derbies, there is rarely much to separate the two sides. It’s always tough, and it’s always physical. Although the Stormers have a decent record against the Bulls in Cape Town, this Bulls team will give it everything they’ve got.

Jake White’s side runs deep in Bulls tradition. Not only do they have sleek attacking prowess, but they also have a massive engine room filled with big boys who like to get under your skin.

To combat that, the Stormers have a collective cool composure about them. There’s an element of maturity to John Dobson’s side.

There is, however, no love lost between these two old adversaries.

The Stormers pack getting ready to scrum against UlsterIt’s a rivalry that dates back to the early days of rugby history in South Africa. Cape Town vs Pretoria. Blue and White vs Baba-Blou. And it’s come down to this. Only one can lift the trophy and usher in a new chapter in South African rugby.

Where do you stash your cash?

There are a few different places you can hide your money. But some are better than others and in light of the recent news, definitely better than your farm where your $4million could get legs.

If you’re thinking of keeping your hard-earned cash safe, here are some of the well-known places to NOT stash anything.

  • Under a mattress. If you’re going to hide your money under a mattress, make sure you use an old one—you don’t want anyone thinking you’re trying to get rid of something gross!


  • In an envelope under the floorboards. This is one of the most popular places people hide their cash. Just make sure nobody else knows about it!


  • In a book. Place the money between pages or in between book covers—it’s easy to forget about if you don’t read much! You can spend all day reading and no one will suspect anything!

Amanda did exactly just that and found a lovely surprise!

Money Book GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

Maurice and Angel heard of the best places you’ve stashed your cash and this could possibly help any future would-be farmer who has a few foreigns lying around to stash its way in places no one would ever think of looking.


  • Siegfried had a simple and ingenious idea!


  • Kelly shared an oldie but a goldie.


  • Now here’s some solid financial advice. Give the money away. By away, we mean pool it together. Felicity explains.


  • Terra has a heavy-weight solution to keeping your cash safe.


Now that you know of the good places to stash your cash, Agatha had one question.


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The South African Society of Psychiatrists says there is an urgent need for the government to boost access to critical mental healthcare support services for young people.

SASOP says this is of critical importance, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The society says there are only about seven state-funded facilities, across the country, that cater to providing mental health support services to children and young people under the age of 18.

Board member at SASOP, Dr. Alicia Porter says this includes the 4 units in Gauteng, one in KwaZulu-Natal, and two in the entire Western Cape.

Porter says the Covid-19 pandemic had a severe negative impact on the mental health of young people in South Africa.

Read the complete SASOP statement here.

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Western Cape residents have been urged to make use of the remaining two days to get counted for the 2022 Census.

The survey, which has been extended twice to allow for greater participation among Western Cape residents, officially closes tomorrow, 31 May.

Premier Alan Winde says the province’s count has reached the 80% milestone on Friday.

He says the province however does lag behind the rest of the country, with other provinces recording a more than 90% participation rate.

Get more information here.

You can complete the online survey here.

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