The City’s Directorate of Safety and Security says it has seen a worrying increase in the number of cases of domestic violence being reported.

The City’s Emergency Call Centre logged 1,777 emergency incidents between Friday, 5 August, and Sunday, 7 August.

Mayoral Committee member, JP Smith, says there were also 156 assault cases, and 28 reports of domestic violence reported.

Smith says with Women’s Day being celebrated this week, more must be done to keep women safe.

The reports also included 41 motor vehicle accidents and 21 accidents involving pedestrians.

Smith says, over the past three weekends, the average number of incidents related to domestic violence has crept up to just over 25, from an average of 16 in the first three weekends of July.

Read the Directorate’s full statement here.

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The City’s Directorate of Safety and Security has urged residents and motorists to be extra cautious over the payday weekend.

This is when law enforcers see a significant spike in motor vehicle accidents and other crimes.

A total of 1,843 incidents have been reported to authorities between Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July.

Mayoral committee member at the Directorate, JP Smith, says assault cases increased to 159 this past weekend, compared to last week’s 95 reported cases.

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