“It’s all about the future of our children, and about their chances in life. Children are so honest, uncomplicated, and full of love. If we can bring opportunity to children, we can help them realise their true potential. Children are our future.” – Nelson Mandela


During July, FUTURELIFE will be celebrating Mandela Month with the goal of providing a million meals for vulnerable children. To help deliver on this ambitious plan, FUTURELIFE has partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation Early Childhood Development Programme and is inviting all South Africans to join them in this much-needed initiative.

Did you know that…

  • 4.6 million children will go to bed hungry tonight.
  • 27% of all children under the age of 5 years are nutritionally stunted.
  • 76% of children under the age of 4 do not have access to pre-schools.


That’s why FUTURELIFE has partnered with The Nelson Mandela Foundation as part of their mission to distribute over 5 million highly nutritious meals for vulnerable children and to build a pre-school. FUTURELIFE Smart Food has been formulated with Moducare, a daily immune supplement and contain 50% of your daily requirements for all 19 vitamins and minerals.


FUTURELIFE Smart Food is also high in energy, Protein, Omega-3 and fibre. FUTURELIFE has created a unique SMART FOOD Mandela pack that is available at all retailers and online at www.futurelife.com.


To find out how you can contribute, tune in to Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy, look for the special FUTURELIFE Mandela pack in store, or click here.

Smile 90.4FM proudly supports FUTURELIFE and The Nelson Mandela Foundation this Mandela Month.


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Friday 01 July

  • Typing with a typewriter and the paper is going backwards and forwards

  • Changing the numbers on a combination lock and then opening it


Thursday 30 June

  • An old metal toolbox being opened and closed

  • Typing on a keyboard


Wednesday 29 June

  • An extension ladder being pulled up or down to the required length

  • An office printer that is opened up to replace the cartridge


Tuesday 28 June

  • Coins rolling down inside a change dispensing machine

  • Opening and closing a drawer of a metal filing cabinet


Monday 27 June

  • A hard plastic container with fruit, when you open it, take out some fruit and close it

  • An old VHS tape being pushed into a video machine


Friday 24 June

  • Opening a tin of sardines by pulling off the lid

  • A paper towel dispenser in a public bathroom


Thursday 23 June

  • Removing an empty toilet paper roll from the roll holder

  • A marble rolling down a marble run


Wednesday 22 June

  • Tearing off a piece of tin foil

  • Breaking the seal and pulling off the lid of a 2-litre ice cream tub


Tuesday 21 June

  • A tape dispenser gun when you’re rolling it over a box and cutting the tape off

  • Clipping in the buckle of a car’s seatbelt


Monday 20 June

  • Opening a packet of chips and sticking your hand in the packet

  • When a can falls from a vending machine


Friday 17 June

  • Flicking the arm of a foosball table and kicking the ball

  • Inserting a cassette into a cassette drawer and closing it


Wednesday 15 June

  • Putting batteries in a DStv remote and closing the lid afterwards

  • Sticking a petrol pump nozzle into the tank and pressing the lever so the petrol starts flowing


Tuesday 14 June

  • A vacuum cleaner retracting its cord when you push the button

  • Holding a plastic water bottle in your hand and unscrewing the cap


Monday 13 June

  • An old parking meter when you put in a coin and turn the knob

  • The hinge of an oven door when it’s opening or closing


Friday 10 June

  • Moving the weights on a mechanical scale at the doctor’s rooms

  • The arm of a record player going back into position after the record has played


Thursday 09 June

  • A toy dispenser when the ball rolls down the shoot and you take it from the slot

  • A Geiger meter measuring radiation levels


Wednesday 08 June

  • A safety door when you unlock it and open it

  • Fixing a paper jam in the printer


Tuesday 07 June

  • Assembling a blender and putting the lid on

  • Pouring ice into a bucket from the ice dispenser in the fridge


Monday 06 June

  • Dominoes being dropped on a wooden table and shuffled

  • A coin being dropped into an old payphone


Friday 03 June

  • Flipping a money box around and using a knife to get the money out through the slot

  • The Red Bull fridge in a shop when you take one out and the others roll into position


Thursday 02 June

  • Latches on a guitar case when you flip it up and the hooks fall down

  • A coin-operated pool table when you push in the latch to release the balls


Wednesday 01 June

  • Removing a CD from a CD case and closing the CD case

  • A cashier’s till opening and closing

Tuesday 31 May

  • When you put a coin in a parking machine and it falls right through

  • A lever arch file when you flip up the paper clamp and lift the lever


Monday 30 May

  • Pressing the eject button an a cassette player, turning the cassette around, and closing the cassette door

  • A disposable water bottle being crushed


Friday 27 May

  • Laying keys down on a glass table top

  • Unlocking the latch lock of a door


Thursday 26 May

  • Tearing a piece of tin foil and then stapling it

  • An old credit card machine making an imprint of a card


Wednesday 25 May

  • Pressing eject on a VHS machine and pulling the tape out

  • Selecting and taking a pen from a pen holder


Tuesday 24 May

  • Opening a tub of yoghurt and removing the protective foil

  • Opening a torch and inserting torch batteries


Monday 23 May

  • Hooking a caravan or trailer onto a car

  • Lego being broken down


Friday 20 May

  • Opening a stapler, replacing the staples inside, and closing the stapler

  • A door chain being latched onto the chain holder


Thursday 19 May

  • When you withdraw money at the ATM and the money comes out of the machine

  • Iron balls rolling down a marble machine


Wednesday 18 May

  • Pressing the eject button on an old tape recorder to make the cassette pop out

  • Opening an envelope with a letter opener, taking the letter out and unfolding it


Tuesday 17 May

  • When you hang up the receiver of an old payphone and the coins drop into the box

  • A Lock n Lock Tupperware container with clips


Monday 16 May

  • A foot-operated sanitiser dispenser

  • Crushing an empty Coke can with your bare hands


Friday 13 May

  • Putting a Nespresso coffee pod into the machine and closing the slot

  • Twisting an ice cube tray and popping the ice cubes out


Thursday 12 May

  • Tearing Sellotape off the Sellotape holder

  • Changing the ink cartridge on the office printer


Wednesday 11 May

  • Lifting a car’s bonnet and hooking in the latch to keep the bonnet up

  • Scratching through a cutlery drawer, taking some cutlery out, and putting it on the table


Tuesday 10 May

  • Putting the air fryer drawer back into the air fryer

  • A door key turning inside the lock and being taken out


Monday 09 May

  • Putting a padlock on a door latch and locking it

  • Receiving a new ball and shooting it off in a Pinball machine


Friday 06 May

  • A 3 hole punch going through a stack of paper and getting stuck

  • Loading a CD into the machine when the tray slides in and settles itself


Thursday 05 May

  • Reloading a rifle

  • Putting an old school telephone receiver back on its base


Wednesday 04 May

  • Putting a coffee capsule into a coffee machine and clipping the lid down

  • Putting money into a Gumball machine, turning the knob, and the gumball dropping




Tuesday 03 May

  • Pulling a disinfectant wipe out of the container and tearing it off – CORRECT!! R50 000 WINNER!!

Friday 29 April

  • Peeling off the silver foil from a coffee tin and putting the tin back on the counter

  • Tearing off the foil seal from a tub of vitamins and putting the tub down on a table


Thursday 28 April

  • The tuning in of a radio when looking for a station

  • Pulling out a cable from a laptop through the hole in a desk


Tuesday 26 April

  • Moving a computer mouse around on a desk without a mouse pad

  • An inkjet printer printing a piece of paper


Monday 25 April

  • A laptop making a noise

  • Scratching your head with a pencil and putting the pencil down


Friday 22 April

  • Tearing off the page of a calendar

  • A pencil being sharpened by an electric sharpener


Thursday 21 April

  • Striking a lighter

  • Pulling the plastic film off a sandwich container and dropping the sandwich on a plate


Wednesday 20 April

  • Pulling wax wrap from the roll, tearing it off against the silver teeth, and putting the box down

  • Cutting paper with a hand guillotine


Tuesday 19 April

  • Turning the knob of an older radio to search for a station

  • Putting the handset of a landline phone back on the cradle


Thursday 14 April

  • Tearing a piece of wood apart

  • Beatboxing through an empty toilet roll


Wednesday 13 April

  • A petrol nozzle being removed and the petrol tank flap being closed

  • Brushing your teeth and putting the toothbrush down


Tuesday 12 April

  • Opening the side pocket of a laptop bag by pulling the Velcro apart

  • Spraying shower foam from a can onto your body


Monday 11 April

  • A plastic label being pulled off a plastic bottle

  • A face mask being taken off


Friday 08 April

  • Somebody cutting paper with scissors

  • When a dolphin comes out of the water and makes a noise


Thursday 07 April

  • A car being towed and ripping off the bumper

  • Grinding your herbs and spices with a mortar and pestle


Wednesday 06 April

  • Two pieces of electrified metal touching each other

  • Using a coin to scratch on a scratch card


Tuesday 05 April

  • Cutting an onion on a wooden board

  • Opening and closing the oven door of a four plate stove


Monday 04 April

  • The last bit of water coming out of a coffee machine

  • Toast being buttered


Friday 01 April

  • Somebody typing on a computer keyboard

  • Shaking and squeezing the last bit of lotion out of the bottle

Thursday 31 March

  • Taking two wires that are attached to a speaker and pressing them against a AA battery

  • Tearing off a piece of paper against a ruler


Wednesday 30 March

  • Turning the dial to set the timer on your Defy tumble dryer

  • Opening a ring pull can by pulling off the lid


Tuesday 29 March

  • Insulation tape with a gauze backing

  • Opening a poster tube, putting loose change inside and shaking it


Monday 28 March

  • A pool cue being chalked

  • Pressing stop and taking a cassette out of a cassette player


Friday 25 March

  • Using a mortar and pestle

  • Sharpening a knife with a Shogun knife sharpener and putting the knife down


Thursday 24 March

  • Wedging the tyre tool in between the tyre and rim of a bicycle wheel

  • A piece of cloth being torn


Wednesday 23 March

  • A vocal percussionist that is beatboxing

  • Wax paper being torn on the perforated edge of the box


Tuesday 22 March

  • A Kreepy Krauly in the pool coming up and sucking in air

  • Rolling up blinds


Friday 18 March

  • A roll of sellotape being used to close a box

  • Setting a wind-up timer


Thursday 17 March

  • Grating carrots

  • Shaving off a beard with a manual shaver


Wednesday 16 March

  • The intro part of the song Astronaut in the Ocean

  • Moving the hangers around in your cupboard and closing the cupboard door


Tuesday 15 March

  • Sorting out the change in a cash register and then closing the cash register

  • Touching the microphone of a telephone headset with your hand


Monday 14 March

  • Pulling a garbage bag off the roll and giving it a shake

  • Biting into a very crunchy apple very slowly


Friday 11 March

  • Trying to attach jumper cables to the battery of your car

  • Trying to start a car but the engine is kicking back


Thursday 10 March

  • A speaker with a bad connection when you’re fiddling with the wires

  • Spraying Q20 into a lock to lubricate it


Wednesday 09 March

  • Tearing a piece of fine sandpaper

  • Coffee coming out of a coffee machine in a coffee shop


Tuesday 08 March

  • Searching through a glove compartment and then closing it

  • Carving a piece of wood with a chisel and putting the chisel down


Monday 07 March

  • A polygraph machine’s pencil stroking over paper

  • Pushing a fully loaded box over a floor into a skirting board


Friday 04 March

  • A VHS tape being played out and then coming to an end and stopping

  • Spraying whipped cream out of a can as it’s about to run out


Thursday 03 March

  • A soft-serve ice cream machine dispensing the ice cream into a cone or a cup

  • A potato chip slicer when pushing a potato through the blades


Wednesday 02 March

  • Wallpaper being removed from a surface

  • A zip that is being pulled up


Tuesday 01 March

  • Male and female Velcro that you’re pulling apart from each other

  • Opening a can with an old can opener that you have to turn

Wednesday 02 March

  • Wallpaper being removed from a surface

  • A zip that is being pulled up


Tuesday 01 March

  • Male and female Velcro that you’re pulling apart from each other

  • Opening a can with an old can opener that you have to turn


Monday 28 February

  • Opening your car door with a key

  • Writing with a scratchy pen on a piece of paper and putting the pen down


Friday 25 February

  • Sucking the last bit of milkshake through a straw

  • Cutting a tree and then it cracks and falls


Thursday 24 February

  • The interference noise an AUX cable makes when it’s being plugged in

  • Ripping out an old carpet


Wednesday 23 February

  • Removing the lid on a cheap plastic container

  • Cutting an onion on a wooden board


Tuesday 22 February

  • Scraping off old paint with a scraper

  • Using a paper punch to punch holes in paper


Monday 21 February

  • A landline telephone making a noise and then being hung up

  • Slamming a metal safe door and closing it with a key


Friday 18 February

  • Grinding pepper with a manual pepper grinder and putting it down

  • A vacuum cleaner sucking up dirt down the pipe and into the bag

  • Shuffling dominoes on a table in between games

  • Unwrapping a sweet wrapper

  • Cutting a piece of glass with a glasscutter


Thursday 17 February

  • Tearing a piece of tape off a Sellotape roll

  • The nib of a fountain pen scribbling on paper

  • Cutting a piece of cardboard with a Stanley knife and putting it down

  • An old skool sellotape dispenser when you’re pulling the tape off the roll and cutting it off

  • Putting a parking ticket into the parking ticket machine to pay for it


Wednesday 16 February

  • Flipping through the pages of a book very fast with your fingers

  • Opening a letter with a letter opener

  • Cutting a stack of paper with a guillotine

  • Tearing a piece of paper with a ruler

  • When you print out a piece of paper with a printer and it lands in the tray


Tuesday 15 February

  • A sculpture being carved out of wood with a sculptor’s tool

  • Sealing a box with a buff tape gun and cutting the tape off

  • Tearing the Velcro strips apart when removing the armband of a blood pressure monitor

  • Cutting through a hard vegetable with a sharp knife and hitting the cutting board

  • Scraping out the inside of a pumpkin


Monday 14 February

  • Throwing beans from a packet into a bucket

  • The last bit of water when a toilet cistern fills up just before the valve closes

  • Shredding cardboard in a paper shredder

  • Sharpening a pencil with a handheld pencil sharpener

  • Trying to tune in a police scanner or walkie talkie


Friday 11 February

  • Putting your hand into a box of Kelloggs and taking out a handful

  • The needle of a record player when it gets to the end of a song


Thursday 10 February

  • Cutting off a piece of carpet with a carpet cutter and closing it afterwards

  • The last bit of a milkshake being sucked through a straw


Wednesday 09 February

  • A root canal procedure when the dentist uses a file to clean and shape the roots of your teeth

  • The suction tool at the dentist


Tuesday 08 February

  • Using the built-in ice dispenser of a fridge

  • Writing with chalk on a blackboard


Monday 07 February

  • Pushing a straw through the hole in the lid of a takeaway cup

  • When you start arc welding by tapping the two pieces of metal together


Friday 04 February

  • The sound of the printer’s needle on the paper of a polygraph machine

  • An old pressure cooker when steam is being released from the valve


Thursday 03 February

  • Using a ratchet

  • A piece of packaging foamalite being pushed into a box


Wednesday 02 February

  • Testing if a microphone is on by scratching on it with your fingernail

  • Cutting wrapping paper by gliding through it with scissors


Tuesday 01 February

  • A mechanical can crusher

  • When you’re cutting a piece of material and it rips

Wednesday 02 February

  • Testing if a microphone is on by scratching on it with your finger nail

  • Cutting wrapping paper by gliding through it with scissors


Tuesday 01 February

  • A mechanical can crusher

  • When you’re cutting a piece of material and it rips


Monday 31 January

  • Slicing through the top of a muesli bag with scissors and then putting the scissors down

  • A page being torn in front of a microphone and then the microphone is being put down


Friday 28 January

  • A sliding bolt on a door that is sticking when you try to open and close it

  • The sharpening of a knife


Thursday 27 January

  • A box cutter cutting through a carpet and then being put down on a counter

  • Using a handheld steamer to steam your clothes


Wednesday 26 January

  • Tuning an old radio to try and find 90.4 FM

  • Inserting a cassette into a cassette player and then closing it


Tuesday 25 January

  • Defrosting the freezer by scraping off the ice with a scraper

  • Popcorn busy being popped


Monday 24 January

  • Plugging an old microphone with a cord into a socket

  • A gate that’s being rolled on a rail and then comes to a stop


Friday 21 January

  • Somebody slurping the last bit of cooldrink with a straw

  • When you’re frothing milk and the steamer is going in and out of the milk


Thursday 20 January

  • Changing the numbers on the combination lock of a safe before you open it

  • Paint being scraped off a wall with a paint scraper


Wednesday 19 January

  • A roll-on deodorant when you put it on, put the lid back, and put it back on the shelf

  • Opening a letter with a letter opener and then putting it on a table


Tuesday 18 January

  • A radio without signal

  • Plugging your headphones into the radio


Monday 17 January

  • Pulling an old nail out of a piece of wood

  • Someone trying to open the lock of a door


Friday 14 January

  • Pulling masking tape off a box to open it.

  • Tearing a piece of cling wrap and putting it on a bowl

Thursday 13 January

  • Switching a mic on and getting that crackling sound

  • Twisting an ice tray

Wednesday 12 January

  • A printer, printing paper

  • A tile cutter, cutting tile

Tuesday 11 January

  • A piece of scotch tape being pulled off the roll

  • When you arrive at the end of the page of an electronic typewriter

Monday 10 January

  • Tightening a screw in wood

  • An aerosol can for some kind of foam

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The City’s Fire and Rescue Service members were called out to the area shortly after 2 am, after reports of a home on fire in Baxley Crescent. Rescue Service spokesperson, Jermaine Carelse says the children were aged 1, 4 and 9.

It will, over the weekend, seek a mandate from its members on the new wage proposal. According to enca, unions will meet with Eskom management on the 5th of July, for feedback.

A fire, which broke out at Elgin Fruit Juices in Grabouw, and then spread to Gaffley’s Transport and the Waterworks informal settlement, has been extinguished. The blaze destroyed 50 structures and left 200 people displaced. According to the Theewaterskloof municipality, 10 fire engines and crews from the Grabouw and Caledon fire stations were dispatched to the scene.

The Steenkamp family’s attorney, Tania Koen, says the dialogue took place on the 22nd of June between Reeva’s father, Barry, and Pistorius. Pistorius was transferred to a prison in Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape for the dialogue.

But with mask-wearing no longer mandatory in most places except in hospitals and a sharp increase in international travel, the trend turned again in June and authorities have said France is now in a seventh wave of the epidemic.