The Springboks will face tough opposition in group B when they travel to France to defend their Rugby World Cup title in 2023.

For the first time, the Boks will meet Ireland at the showpiece event, and if you could label any one group the so-called ‘group of death’ it could be group B, as Scotland also features. This is the second time the Springboks have been drawn in a group with the Scots, both times Green and Gold triumphed.

Both Scotland and Ireland will have a lot to prove because their performance at the tournament is generally underwhelming. The two usually trip at the first knockout hurdle. Scotland is the only one of the two to make it past the quarter-final stage, that in 1991. Although they beat Western Samoa 28-6 to progress to the semi-finals, they ultimately got knocked out by England, losing 6-9.

Friday 30 October

  • Closing the lid of a biscuit tin

  • Freshly formed ice falling down into the lower tray of an ice machine



Thursday 29 October

  • A wooden broomstick falling over

  • Dropping a biscuit into a biscuit tin



Wednesday 28 October

  • When you load a ream of paper into the barrel of a copy machine

  • When you release your printouts from the copy machine



Tuesday 27 October

  • Emptying out a tin ashtray into a flip bin

  • A tin falling into a dustbin



Monday 26 October

  • A cellphone in a washing machine

  • Shooting off crackers for Guy Fawkes day



Friday 23 October

  • Unlocking a padlock

  • A drink falling from a vending machine

  • Opening a paint can with a screwdriver

  • The sound of popcorn popping in a pot

  • A spanner falling into an engine



Thursday 22 October

  • Stepping on the pedal of a dustbin so that it opens and closes

  • When you push down the lever of a toaster and it pops back up

  • Playing ten pin bowling and the ball is released before you take it off the rail

  • A cooldrink falling out of a vending machine

  • A tin can that is being kicked over



Wednesday 21 October

  • When the new ball drops in a pinball game

  • Playing dominoes and ‘knocking’ when it’s your turn but you cannot play

  • Raindrops falling on the roof

  • A bathroom paper towel dispenser

  • Someone using a metal door knocker



Tuesday 20 October

  • An empty cake tin falling on a countertop

  • A miniature soccer ball being knocked around inside a washing machine

  • An empty cooldrink can tied to a wedding car being pulled

  • When you turn a key in a door lock

  • Mixing up and shuffling dominoes before you play



Monday 19 October

  • The refuse truck picking up your wheelie bin

  • Throwing an empty tin can into a metal bin

  • A pool ball dropping into a hole

  • A tin opener being thrown into a dishwasher

  • Throwing a basketball into a big plastic bin



Friday 16 October

  • Dropping a nut in an empty toolbox

  • Crockery being stacked



Thursday 15 October

  • The dispensing of a can from a vending machine

  • The lid of a foot pedal metal bin opening and closing



Wednesday 14 October

  • Dropping a laundry detergent ball in the washing machine

  • Opening a box of dominoes and throwing it on the table



Tuesday 13 October

  • The drums from The Gipsy Kings’ Volare song

  • The sound of a turnstile when you’re walking through it



Monday 12 October

  • Trying to knock out bread from a baking dish

  • Breaking the balls apart at the start of a pool game



Friday 09 October

  • Beating on drums

  • Lifting and putting the lid back on a three-legged cast-iron potjie

  • A pot falling on the floor

  • Dominoes falling over

  • Popping popcorn in a microwave



Thursday 08 October

  • Throwing an empty can of cooldrink away





The Smile Secret Sound was cracked on October 8th!
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Prev 1 of 1 Next
  • Locking the brake lever of a wheelchair – CORRECT!! R100 000 WINNER!!


  • The folding and unfolding of a wheelchair

  • Releasing the brake lever of a wheelchair

  • Clipping on or attaching the footrest of a wheelchair



Wednesday 07 October

  • The footrest of a wheelchair being put down

  • Turning the key in the ignition of your car

  • Lifting the film rewind crank and putting it back into position on an old camera

  • A baby car seat that is being clipped on to the back seat of a car

  • Unclipping the safety belt in your car



Tuesday 06 October

  • When you lower a hairdresser’s chair

  • A gas lift chair of which the cylinder is out of gas and is unable to lift up with the lever

  • When you’re adjusting your car seat and the lever clicks and locks it into position

  • The lever of an electric pop-up toaster

  • When you’re rolling your car seat forward and it clicks into place



Monday 05 October

  • The lever on the door of a vintage fridge when you pull it and let it go

  • An old mechanical stamp used at the post office to stamp letters

  • Opening and closing a camping chair

  • Adjusting the height of the spin cycle upwards at the gym

  • Lifting the lever of a barstool to lower the barstool



Friday 02 October

  • The sound of a harness that you pull down over your shoulders on a theme park ride

  • Opening a lever arch file



Thursday 01 October

  • When you’re adjusting the seat of the weightlifting machine at the gym

  • A rollercoaster mechanism sound when it’s about to slow down