Thursday 30 April

  • Chopping up a cabbage

  • Chopping up lettuce

  • A manual vegetable chopper



Wednesday 29 April

  • Pulling lettuce leaves off from the lettuce itself

  • Opening a plastic bag and dumping out building blocks

  • Opening a bag of Kellogs cornflakes and pouring it into a breakfast bowl

  • Mixing a tossed salad in a bowl with two salad spoons

  • Tearing off wax paper from a roll

  • Crushing and opening a packet of 2-minute noodles

  • Drying a mop with a mop dryer

  • Taking the leafy part off an onion and chopping it on a board

  • Crushing a bag of ice with a meat cleaver and making a slush puppie

  • Emptying a bag of puzzle pieces onto a table and patting it down with your hand



Tuesday 28 April

  • Making a salad by taking lettuce out of the packet, tearing leaves off and chopping it up

  • Unpacking your shopping bags and throwing away empty chips packets

  • Someone typing on a computer keyboard slapping the keys with frustration



Monday 27 April

  • Stacking dominoes in rows and then letting them tumble over

  • Tearing leaves off a lettuce head and spinning it in a salad spinner

  • Breaking up a packet of 2-minute noodles and pouring it into a bowl



Friday 24 April

  • Taking pots that are stacked together out of a cupboard

  • A cocktail shaker

  • Tearing off tin foil and wrapping something with it



Thursday 23 April

  • Somebody riding a skateboard

  • Wiping clean the back of a sofa and dabbing it with a dry cloth

  • Unrolling and tearing off a piece of sandpaper from a roll



Wednesday 22 April

  • Ice dropping out of an icemaker in the fridge

  • Tearing a piece of paper from a book and crumpling it up

  • Walking with two cans squashed onto the bottom of your shoes



Tuesday 21 April

  • Sweeping up dust into a dustpan after sweeping the house

  • Chopping onions and scraping it off the cutting board into a hot frying pan

  • Trying to get money out of a money box



Monday 20 April

  • Emptying a dustbin bag by turning it inside out in a wheelie bin and closing the lid

  • Preparing pastry dough on baking paper

  • A duster hockey game



Friday 17 April

  • A plastic bottle with ice inside hitting against a hard surface

  • Making popcorn in a microwave oven

  • Beating a bag of frozen vegetables to break it up


Thursday 16 April

  • Rolling up a newspaper and swatting something like a fly with it

  • Throwing charcoal onto the braai and poking at it

  • Taking an ice tray out the freezer, twisting it and dumping the ice


Wednesday 15 April

  • Shaking and tapping on a bag of popcorn to mix the spice

  • An aluminium plasterer’s tool scraping on the ground

  • Opening a newspaper on a table and flattening the pages


Tuesday 14 April

  • Stomping on plastic bottles so they can be recycled

  • A pack of biscuits being crushed


Monday 13 April

  • Cleaning the fridge by chopping off pieces of ice

  • Folding your own mask from paper






Friday 10 April

  • Putting a cake dome onto the base – WINNER!! R20 000!!
  • Removing the plastic container from a store-bought cake


Thursday 09 April

  • Assembling a springform baking tin

  • A cake tin lid falling on a countertop


Wednesday 08 April

  • Taking the lid off a plastic cake tin and putting it on a table so it wobbles

  • Locking in the lid of a cake container

  • Unlocking and taking the lid off of a cake container

  • Putting a plastic cake dome onto the base and locking it in

  • Opening a tin of cookies and dropping the lid on the counter

  • Wobbling a knife off of the edge of a kitchen counter

  • Adjusting the height of the oven rack before baking a cake

  • Turning the dial when setting the oven temperature to bake a cake

  • The lid of a metal cake tin falling on the ground when you open it

  • A wooden cake turntable


Tuesday 07 April

  • Squeezing the handle of a cylindrical sifter while sieving flour

  • Tapping a spoon on the edge of a bowl after mixing cake batter to get the extra batter off


Monday 06 April

  • Knocking a cake tin with cake batter on the counter to get the bubbles out

  • Loosening a cake from a cake pan with a knife


Friday 03 April

  • Cutting a slice of cake and some of the toppings land on the plate

  • Opening the oven door and putting a cake in the oven


Thursday 02 April

  • Releasing a cake from a springform cake tin

  • Taking a cake out of the baking tin by knocking it on the counter


Wednesday 01 April

  • Taking a hot pan out of the oven and putting it on the kitchen counter

  • Hitting a table tennis ball into the net with the bat scraping the table

To be read in line with the general terms and conditions of Smile 90.4 FM (hyperlink)

In order to be eligible, your business must conform to the following:


  • Business must employ no more than 50 employees and no less than 20
  • Must be a reputable business
  • The business is sound, not in default or blacklisted
  • Is a going concern
  • Is a legal entity


One business will be selected each day who will receive one News Sponsorship in each show from 06h00  to 18h00  for that one day (Weekends will vary).

A news sponsorship consists of an Opening Billboard:  This COVID – 19 update is brought to you by (company name) and a payoff line.

This is followed by a 30-second live read (read by the presenter on air) about your business (maximum of 70 words).

This is then followed by the news bulletin.

Smile 90.4 FM will script the live read to best meet the business’ needs and  the stations target market.

The Managing director of Smile 90.4 FM makes the final decision , and no correspondence may be entered into.

Should any dispute arise in relation to the interpretation of the Competition rules, Smile 90.4FM’s decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into regarding the decision.

No liability shall attach to Smile 90.4FM in relation to any claims, losses or liabilities for any loss of profit or any other direct and/or indirect, special or consequential loss arising out of the Small Business benefit Program

5 Nutritionist-Approved Tips for Staying Healthy While Social Distancing


You’ve probably already heard the joke about why it’s really important to wear our face masks in our homes…….  To prevent ourselves from returning to the fridge all the time and eating.

My social media feeds during lockdown have been filled with my friends baking … everything from, banana breads, apple crumbles, cookies, chocolate cakes… you name it.

And if you’re not the baker, being at home (even when busy and not bored) brings on a few laps to the fridge, just because.

We’re all stressed, and we’re all home all day, which could mean disaster for our eating habits.

Nutritionists have these 5 tips for us to stay healthy while in lockdown.


  1. Set Yourself Up for Success

Through planning. Creating a menu of easy-to-make pantry and refrigerator meals and snacks and sticking it in on your fridge. That way, every time you’re tempted to reach for that tub of ice cream in the back of the freezer, you’ll be reminded of how many easy, healthier options you also have.

  1. Caffeinate Wisely

Working from home, taking care of kids and navigating this new normal requires a lot of energy—often by way of copious amounts of coffee. But nutritionists warn against consuming too much coffee, which could make you jittery. A great alternative is matcha. If you just can’t get on the matcha train, try to limit yourself to two cups of coffee a day, and make sure to balance it out with tons of water and herbal teas.

  1. Structure Your Time

The risk of emotional eating is greater when you’re out of your routine. (And I agree, based on personal experience.) Nutritionists advise creating a meal and snack timetable, which decreases the likelihood that you’ll get wrapped up in a work project (or Netflix show), forget to have lunch, then “make up for it” by attacking a sleeve of biscuits.

  1. Think About Why You’re Having Cravings

Speaking of going crazy with a sleeve of cookies, Nutritionists say that while cravings aren’t necessarily wrong, “We often falsely interpret them as pure hunger, and they’re often a signal of a deeper emotional situation we need to address.” When a craving strikes, explain it before giving into it. Did you eat enough at your last meal? Have you eaten enough today in general? Are you anxious or bored? Do you need to go outside to clear your head a bit and breathe? Understanding why you want junk food could avoid the need to satisfy your cravings—or at least satisfy them with a healthier alternative.

  1. Cut Yourself Some Slack

You have enough stress on your plate with the virus going around, be nice to your strongest asset—your physical form. Thinking negatively or chastising yourself for how you’re eating can actually increase the drive to eat poorly. Understand that this is an unprecedented time, and the occasional junk food slip-up only means you’re human.

On Friday 10 April the first Smile Secret Sound of 2020 was cracked by Ezra Fredereickts from Retreat. He won himself R20 000 for correctly identifying it as a ‘cake lid or dome being put on the base’.


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