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Riana Scott, Head of Marketing & Communication at Metrorail Western Cape Region, joined Benito Vergotine in studio to discuss the sad reality and impact of the 18 carriages that were destroyed last week.

Listen to the conversation here: PRASA offers R100 000 reward

“Economic sabotage” – these are the hard hitting words uttered by the National Minister of Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula during his media briefing on Friday after two trains were burned at Cape Town Station.

A total of 4 complete train-sets (18 carriages in total) were destroyed amounting to R61 million rand. Overhead electrical damage to platforms amount to R150 000.

PRASA has appealed to the public to help confirm the identity of the four suspects that were captured by security cameras in the act of arson.  PRASA has put up a reward of R100 000 for information that will secure the conviction of the four suspects suspected of setting alight two trains in the early hours of Friday 28 November 2019 at Cape Town Station.

PRASA condemned the acts of arson, saying there is no absolutely no justification for destroying state assets and inconveniencing thousands of commuters: “This type of sabotage robs commuters of a reliable, safe and convenient rail service and compromises Metrorail’s ability to prepare and support PRASA’s modernisation process.  The latest loss of capacity will exacerbate overcrowding and passenger comfort” said Dr Nkosinathi Sishi, PRASA Group CEO.

Investigations and intelligence point to orchestrated sabotage within the Western Cape rail network, causing millions of rand in damage since the start of the sporadic spate of fires in 2015.


An analysis of vandalism patterns leave little doubt that criminals are deliberately setting out to cause mayhem and delays. “It is not coincidence that fires are set with intent to cause extensive damage and delays” said Richard Walker, Metrorail Western Cape Regional Manager.

Crime intelligence support the notion that the place, timing and type of vandalism is  orchestrated and targeted to create chaos and destroy essential state infrastructure, placing a strain on the country’s fiscus during a depressed economy.

A shrinking base of taxpayers are ultimately having to fund the replacement of the infrastructure while the criminals behind the scenes remain unscathed.

PRASA said this destruction is short-sighted and self-defeating: “These agents may think they are serving their own selfish agenda but ultimately hard-working bread-winners reliant on trains pay the price when they face discipline and/or job losses at their places of work”.

“Anyone who targets innocent commuters and then sit back to watch the pain they inflict are monsters whom society should expose to face the consequences of their ill-conceived plans”.

“It is counter-productive to PRASA Rail’s ongoing efforts to stabilise and improve services for the majority of public transport users in the Western Cape”. “Ultimately taxes are used to replace assets that should not have been destroyed in the first place. The cost of perennial replacement could have been utilised more effectively to improve and modernise the train service” PRASA said.

“Setting fire to railway infrastructure is inexcusable sabotage. Every incident further reduces Metrorail’s ability to offer its users a reliable, safe and convenient service. The harder we work to modernise the rail industry, the more these incidents undermine the train users and public confidence in the Western Cape train service”.

Employers are exasperated with their work force arriving late or not at all; leading to unnecessary disciplinary sanctions and in some cases even job losses. Rail transportation is considered the backbone of public transport in the Western Cape and any further loss of capacity to transport them impacts negatively on the productivity of industry and on the economic wellbeing of the province.

The damage to underlying track infrastructure is yet to be confirmed. The integrity of overhead concrete slabs and pillars exposed to excessive heat of several fires will also be tested.

Platforms 10 – 19 remain closed at Cape Town Station and with less than half platforms functional, commuters face unnecessary delays on the approach to Cape Town Station for their trains to be allocated platforms for arrivals and departures.

PRASA is already working with the police and a cctv image of one of the suspects has been provided (attached). PRASA calls on all local and provincial law enforcement agencies, commuters and the general public to assist in the identification of the suspect.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the either investigating officer Sgt Williams on (078) 037 5969. All information will be treated in confidence and full anonymity is guaranteed.


Issued by PRASA

For more information contact:

Nana Zenani 083 297 5905

Riana Scott 083 284 3508

The SA womens and mens Five A Side teams put on a dominant display at the Five A Side World Championship this past weekend, which was hosted at the Fives Futbol in Century City.

The men’s team celebrated a 5-2 victory over a very strong Colombian team in a nail biting final – while the SA women’s team had a home soil Championship victory by beating the

Chinese women’s team 3-2 in extra time. This years championship kicked off at the beginning of the year with over 150,000 players competing in knock out games from 32 countries in a 6 month long qualifying league. 32 Teams from across the world headed to Cape Town to participate in the finals this past weekend.

The Captain of the Orlando Pirates 5-a-side-squad who represented team SA’s Men’s team Jose Garcia, says this is the first time that they competed at this global world tournament and to be crowned as the overall winners is a huge honor.

Picture above: Both captains with their winning trophies.
Picture above: Countries from as far as India and Oman participated in this year’s tournament.

Western Cape hospitals and clinics require approximately 800 units of blood each day. One person can donate 475ml (1 unit) of blood every 2 months. Your one donation can save the lives of 3 people.  Donated blood is separated into red blood cells, plasma and platelets.
Your red blood cells can be used for patients who needed surgery or suffered complications during childbirth. Your plasma will be used to replace clotting factors in a trauma patient and your platelets can be used for a cancer patient.

Blood can’t be artificially manufactured and blood donation services such as the Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) relies completely on voluntary blood donors and encourages all eligible donors to donate.

There’s an urgent need for more blood donors. Unfortunately less than 1.2% of the Western Cape’s population donates blood.

The process might seem scary, but it’s simple, quick and painless. Blood donation doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, and after the process you can continue your day as normal.

According to  the WCBS there are many good reasons to donate blood which include:

1. Blood saves lives

Every unit of blood donated can be separated into its basic parts and used to help improve and save the lives of up to 3 recipients.

2. There’s no substitute

There’s no known substitute for blood and it can’t be replicated due to its complexity.

3. Blood is in short supply

While 75% of our population are potential recipients, less than 1.2% is donors, and only approximately 16 000 donors give blood more than 4 times a year.

4. It’s a good cause

Giving doesn’t get much better than this.

5. You could be next

It’s not a pleasant thing to consider, but the fact is that you, a close friend, or a family member could well be the next car accident victim or surgery candidate requiring a transfusion.

6. The process is safe and quick

Sterile, disposable equipment is always used, so there’s no risk of infection. The entire process takes just 30 minutes, after which you can resume your daily activities. Finally, you won’t even miss the one unit (475 ml) of blood donated, because it’s quickly reproduced and replaced by your body.


You can donate blood if you:

  • are between 16 and 65 years old,
  • weigh at least 50kg,
  • medically healthy,
  • lead a safe lifestyle, and
  • love helping others.

Source: Western Cape Government





Play The ultimate 80’s & 90’s quiz, where you get a chance to test your knowledge of all things 80’s & 90’s … music, news events, TV shows, movies!! Today, it’s the Party Edition of Home-time, which is on-air from 18:00 – 22:00. There’s 8 questions and answers, every hour, and they’re all listed below. Play along, and see how many you can get right!!


8 Out Of  8 Questions: Round One 29 November  2019

1.Which Baby did Rod Stewart sing about?

2.In 1991’s Father of the Bride, who played the father?

3.What name is missing from this band? Bill, Charlie, Mick & …..?

4.Ace of Base covered Cruel Summer in 1998. Who sang the original?

5.True or False, the song, I just called to say I love you, was on the Lady in Red soundtrack?

6.From Which song is this line: pull me off of my knees

7.In 1998 who had a hit with (A Rose)  still a rose?

 8.In which movie would you encountered Vivian Ward?


8 Out Of  8 Answers: Round One 29 November  2019


2.Steve Martin

3.Keith (Jagger, Richards, Wyman, Watts)


5.False. The Woman in Red.

6.Footloose – Kenny Loggins

7.Aretha Franklin

 8.Pretty Woman




8 Out Of  8 Questions: Round Two 29 November 2019


1.Who had a hit with Don’t Cry for me Argentina, in 1997?

2.What was referred to as a ‘Can of The Best’?

3.”You are a sad, strange little man. And you have my pity.” From which movie is this line?

4.How many Comrades did Bruce Fordyce win in the 80’s? 7, 8 or 9?

5.On which sitcom would you have encountered Niles, the butler?

6.Which character did Estelle Getty play in Golden Girls

7.From which song is this line: A reason for living. A deeper meaning.

8.Richard Dreyfuss’s male co- star in 1987’s Stakeout was Charlie Sheen’s real life brother. Who is it?




8 Out Of  8 Answers: Round Two 29 November 2019



2.Castrol GTX

3.Toy Story 1995

4.8. From 81 to 88.

5.The Nanny


7.Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden

8.Emilio Estevez




8 Out Of 8 Questions: Round Three 29 November 2019


1.Who Liked to Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm with you, in the 80’s?

2.From which song is this line:I know the years are showing?

3.What do these names have in common –Mallory, Elyse and Jennifer?

4.Who plays the male lead opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love?

5.Lorenzo Lamas starred in this series which ran for 9 seasons, from 81 till 1990.

6.In 1990, this group wanted you to Hold On.

7.Which team did Michael Schumacher drive for before Ferrari?

8.From which movie is this line: I always say a flawed husband is better than none at all?




8 Out Of 8 Answers: Round Three 29 November 2019


1.John Ireland

2.I Don’t Know Much – Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt

3.Family Ties

4.Joseph Fiennes

5.Falcon Crest

6.Wilson Phillips


8.Mrs Doubtfire




8 Out Of 8 Questions: Round Four – 29 November 2019


1.In 1990, who sang All Around the World?

2.According to the record companies, What was killing  music, in the 80’s?

3.”I’m The King of The World” – From which movie is this line?

4.Which two Rocky movies were in the 80’s

5,Who plays the crazy detective who falls in love with Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary?

6.What does Huey, Celine and Frankie have in common??

7.From which song is this line: Can’t you see my desire

8.Who sang the Title track from the Ghostbusters soundtrack?




8 Out Of 8 Answers: Round Four – 29 November 2019


1.Lisa Stansfield

2.Home Taping


4.Rocky III in 1982 & Rocky IV in 1985

5.Matt Dillon

6.The Power of Love (Huey Lewis & The News, Celine Dion, Frankie Goes to Hollywood)

7.That’s The Way Love Goes _ Janet Jackson

8.Ray Parker Jr.



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