No one can deny that Springbok Francois “Faf” de Klerk meeting Britain’s Prince Harry, after winning the Rugby World Cup, wearing nothing but his patriotic speedo, was a ballsy move.

Using his viral fame for good, the scrumhalf is collaborating with Cipla South Africa to challenge all men – even the Prince himself – to improve their personal “ball skills” when it comes to checking for signs of testicular cancer.

Posting on Instagram, De Klerk poked a bit of fun at himself to raise awareness about this very serious topic. “I’m challenging all South African men to be ballsy and tackle testicular cancer by feeling for any irregular lumps, swelling or pain.”

De Klerk is challenging Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi; centres Damian de Allende and Jesse Kriel; the first South African to score a try in a World Cup final, Makazole Mapimpi; Rugby World Cup final try scorer, Cheslin Kolbe; and hooker, Malcolm Marx.

Together, they are championing the #FafChallenge, encouraging their other teammates, along with all other South Africans, to scrum around this important cause.

For important tips on how to up your ball skills, visit


The City’s Festive Lights Switch-On celebrates 50 years with a dazzling line-up this year.

The theme for this year’s Festive Lights Switch-On event is ‘Cape Town: Window to the World’ and the line-up includes a range of artists who will appeal to young and old alike.

The City of Cape Town’s signature event will take place on Sunday, 1 December 2019 on the Grand Parade.

This eagerly awaited free open-air event is set to usher in summer and the beginning of the festive season with a star-studded line-up including performances by Sho Madjozi, Ndlovu Youth Choir, YoungstaCPT and more.

Aside from the acts on stage, the show stopping moments are when the festive lights are switched on, and the fantastic – now legendary – video mapping display is shown.

The artist line-up includes live performances by:

· Young performers from The Zip Zap Circus

· Early B

· The Unknown Dance Crew

· Andries Vermeulen

· YoungstaCPT

· Gemini

· Ndlovu Youth Choir

· Sho Madjozi

Also performing on the day will be the winner of the Festive Lights Switch-On 2019 Music Challenge. Upcoming musicians can enter for a chance to perform by submitting a video online before midnight on Sunday, 24 November 2019.

Enter now:

The Festive Lights Switch-On 2019 is FREE for all. No ticket required. Event details below:

Date: Sunday, 1 December 2019

Venue: Grand Parade, Cape Town

Time: From 16:00

Professional big wave surfer, Frank Solomon, and well known beer brand Corona, have joined forces with waste-pickers to highlight the global plight of plastic pollution by producing a thought-provoking documentary that aims to educate viewers of the important role they play in the waste cycle.

“Street Surfers” has already received global attention and is on the official selection list for a variety international film festivals.

This short documentary follows Solomon’s journey to Joburg to meet Thabo Mouti and Mokete Mokete, who indirectly serve the environment through recycling as a means of income.

Thabo and Mokete are “street surfers”, a familiar sight for drivers in and around the city’s streets.

Watch the short film below:


Liesl Stander, legal advisor and parliamentary liaison, joined Benito Vergotine in conversation to discuss the sensitive topic of bodily remains of a still-born baby.

Listen to the conversation here:


Court Case about the treatment of the bodily remains of still-born babies:


Are ALL human beings worthy of dignity and respect?


On 14 and 15 November 2019, Cause for Justice (CFJ) will argue for the recognition of the inherent worth / human dignity of all members of the human family, including the stillborn child, when the case of the “Voice of the Unborn Baby” is heard in the Pretoria High Court.


A Question of Human Worth


Human dignity is a foundational value of the South African Constitutional order.


According to Laurie Ackermann, a former judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, in the South African Constitution, ‘dignity’ means ‘human worth’ or ‘inherent human worth’.[1] Kate O’Regan, another former judge of the Constitutional Court, has observed that dignity is a value that informs the interpretation of many (and possibly all) other rights.[2]


The constitutional distinction between the value of human dignity and the right to human dignity is significant.[3]


The unborn child is unquestionably both human and living from the moment of conception. This is a medical fact. From the moment of conception, the unborn child is a living human being.[4]


While some in society may want to argue that the unborn child may not be the beneficiary/bearer of constitutional rights (a view with which we disagree), the constitutional value of human dignity nevertheless requires the law of the land to recognise the inherent worth of the unborn child as a human being.[5]


The destruction of human life – whether before or after birth – implicates the value of human dignity: it is the destruction of human worth. Likewise, the disposal of human remains – whether before or after birth – implicates the value of human dignity.[6]


The constitutional value of human dignity requires the law to treat the unborn child’s bodily remains – irrespective of his or her gestational development – in a manner consistent with his or her inherent worth as a human being.[7]


It is unacceptable that the law treats the bodily remains of unborn children who die before 26 weeks of gestation as medical waste to be incinerated. The bodily remains of the unborn child is not medical waste.

Deceased unborn (Still-born) children are deceased human beings, and all deceased human beings are worthy of having their bodily remains treated with respect, and having their humanity and human dignity acknowledged by way of burial.


Background to the court case


In March 2017 Voice of the Unborn Baby, a non-profit company and the main Applicant, initiated court proceedings against the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Health, seeking to declare certain provisions of the Births and Deaths Registration Act (the Act) and the Regulations Relating to the Management of Human Remains  (the Regulations) unconstitutional.


The effect of the Act and Regulations is that the law regards unborn children who are miscarried prior to 26 weeks in the womb as ‘medical waste’ and prevents parents from burying the bodily remains of their unborn child.


The case will be heard on 14 and 15 November 2019 in the Pretoria High Court. If the constitutional challenge is successful, grieving parents will have a choice. They will be able to recognise and honour the humanity and human dignity of their babies, whose lives were ended before birth. Practically, they will be able to choose to receive and bury the bodily remains of their still-born child, irrespective of the gestational stage at which he or she ceased to be alive.


CFJ’s role in the case


CFJ joined the case as a friend of the court – or an amicus curiae party – in order to assist the court in the interpretation and application of the constitutional rights, values and interests implicated by the subject matter of the case.


While CFJ empathises with the grief of the bereaved parents of the deceased unborn child  and agree that grieving parents should have a legal entitlement to bury the bodily remains of their miscarried child – our case is concerned with the more fundamental issue of the dignity (worth / value) of unborn human beings.


A Voice for the Voiceless


CFJ calls on all South Africans – all who believe in the inherent value of human life and in being a voice for the voiceless – to take a stand and speak up for the human dignity of the unborn child by raising awareness of this cause.





8 Out Of 8 Questions: 12 November 2019


1.Paul Hewson was the lead singer for which 80’s band??

2.He directed in, and starred in, ‘A Bronx Tale’?

3.Which band had an album called Aquarium, in 1997?

4.Chevy Chase and Martin Short starred in The 3 Amigos. Who played the 3rdAmigo?

5.How Many Times did Boris Becker win Wimbledon, in the 80’s? 1,2,3 or 4?

6.On TV who has a pet snail called Gary?

7.From which song is this line:Make it last forever friendship never ends

8.What to Kate, Cameron,  Lucy, Jaclyn, Drew, Farah have in common?





8 Out Of  8 Answers: 12 November 2019



2.Robert De Niro

3.Which band had an album called Aquarium, in 1997?Answer: Aqua

4.Steve Martin

5.Three (1985,1986 and 1989)


7.Wannabe – The Spice Girls

8.Charlie’s Angels (Jackson, Diaz, Liu, Smith, Barrymore, Fawcett)



How did you do out of 8? Want to play with your team on-air? Send me your team name and contact details to: I’d love to welcome you and your team to the 8 Out Of 8 Club, and you could compete for the title of 2019 Champion at the end of the year.