The Smile Secret Sound has been cracked! Peter le Roux correctly identified it as “putting your hand into a bag of washing pegs and taking out a peg”. This gets Peter a cash prize of R25 000. Peter says it’s very welcome in times like this and wants to use the money to settle some debt and put down some advanced payments on his rent.



It pays to listen to Smile Breakfast. Peter managed to jump the Secret Sound queue by playing the Smile Breakfast quiz on Friday, so we called him for answering 3 questions about the show correctly. It went on to earning him a lot of money!


Here is a video of the sound being recorded:


There is a brand new Smile Secret Sound and it’s worth R25 000. Get in early to guess what it is at 7:20 and 8:20 on Smile Breakfast.


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In our improvements, we promised you even more chances to win and we’re giving you exactly that. This morning The Smile Inter-Continental Breakfast gave away R75 000 in the Smile Secret Sound and the 10 Second Challenge.

Listen to the winning moments here:


Smile Secret Sound winner Peter le Roux


10 Second Challenge winner Wendy Naidoo


This weekend, we honour those who smashed the charts…
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Smile 90.4FM presents: The Top 200 One Hit Wonders…
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