If there’s one person who continues to defy the odds in just about every way possible, it’s got to be Cher.


At 75 years old, she looks better than some of us (including me) can only dream of looking in a lifetime! Sure, when you’re a legendary pop star with tons of money in the bank, having access to the best dermatologists and dietitians in the business is no problem at all. But, Cher recently gave us a sneak peek into what her workout routine looks like. And I think it’s safe to say that many of us would struggle to keep up!




 The goddess of pop tweeted on Tuesday, “Just came up from abs, Zumba, yoga, wall sits. Tomorrow, my step class, yoga, different abs”.

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When you think of someone in their mid-70s, I’m sure such a rigorous workout schedule is probably not something that first springs to mind. But considering this is someone with a career in entertainment spanning nearly 60 years, we can all agree that Cher doesn’t do anything halfway. It’s either 110% or nothing at all!


These tweets come after Cher signed on to be one of the new faces of MAC Cosmetics in 2022, alongside hip-hop star, Saweetie. Again – not quite something you expect from a 75-year-old!



Cher’s ‘go-getter’ attitude and determination to achieve the highest honour in just about everything she’s ever set out to do in her career is something I have always looked up to her for. She seems like the kind of person who’d invite you over for a G&T on Saturday afternoon, all while giving you the best masterclass on life that money couldn’t even buy! Go granny Cher!



It looks like this weekend is going to be another scorcher so we’ve got the Top 200 songs that are so hot… it’s cool!

This Saturday and Sunday from 9am.

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It’s been a long road to self-driving cars. They no longer require an over-developed imagination, or the suspension of disbelief, like when Knight Rider ruled our TV screens. And it’s not just major vehicle manufacturers that are developing autonomy either. Tesla, Mercedes Benz and Boeing are jostling for pole position against the likes of Google, Apple and Huawei.


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Even Uber and Amazon have gotten in on the action, in a bid to streamline their deliveries. While cruise control and auto-pilot used to be at the very edge of high tech, the development of artificial intelligence has resulted in the almost-overnight emergence of driverless vehicles. And it’s not exclusive to cars. The tech has already been applied to trucks and buses, autonomous passenger drones are all the rage in Dubai and recently, a self-driving farming tractor was unveiled.


But while the progress is speeding along, the question that has emerged is, once self-driving cars are ubiquitous, what do we do with all the old, conventional cars? A company called Perrone Robotics is busy addressing this very obvious gap in the market, with something called a “Drop-in Actuator Kit.” As the name suggests, it is a hardware/software kit that can be retro-fitted to make any old car autonomous.

Drop-in Autonomy Kit to make self-driving cars
Sourced: perroneautorobot.com

It comes with a metal cylinder that envelopes the steering wheel and is connected to the pedals, handbrake and gear-stick with metal rods. While it’s rather bulky-looking, it is positioned in such a way that it doesn’t reduce cabin space and the driver can still take over at any time. Also, I reckon over time, it will shrink in size and look less like the left-overs of a Nascar roll cage. Aesthetics notwithstanding, it does the self-driving job better and better, as the AI software learns.


And this of course means that while the future will undoubtedly have the futuristic cars we are all looking forward to, there will also be a whole lot of VW Beetles, Ford Cortinas and Datsun bakkies driving themselves around our future roads. Bring on the retro-fit flying cars kits please.


After this particularly harsh heatwave we had this past weekend you have probably seen at least one video of this video doing the rounds:


Since it got posted the original video alone has been liked over 30 000 times. TikTok seemed to love it with hundreds of South African users making their own versions using the audio.


Mia van Zjil is the person who created the original video and she says that she didn’t actually load it on TikTok and doesn’t know who is behind the fake account. Smile Breakfast caught up with Mia.


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