As we head into a long weekend a lot of us will be around a fire. Some will choose to light up the coals to cook a steak and chops, and some will invest their time to make that special potjie for friends and family. Braai aficionado Jan Braai popped in at Smile Breakafst and gave us his best potjie tips:

If you have been watching the Olympics you may have missed some of the more unusual events. As entertaining as some of our favourite sporting events are, nobody is ever quite prepared for the facial expressions seen in the artistic swimming (synchronised swimming). A source of much ammusement for the Smile Breakfast team:

When we asked for captions on our Facebook page for one of the many facial expressions in the sport, we were not disappointed:

“Athletes feet SE VOET “ – Nadima Laattoe

“That moment when your own foot wants to go rogue during a synchro swimming routine and you’re like “aaah hell no!’.” – Mandy Clair Hoffeldt

“Smaak j baklei????? Moetie, moetie sukkeli” – Waafiqah Canfield

“Gonna have to have a chat with my manucurist, she missed a spot” Jacques De Villiers

“Wezzie wezzie wezzie wezzie…..dezzie!” Rodney Scara Brown

Jokes asside, the facial expressions are very much part and parcel. So explains Sue Manners-Wood from the Barracudas Artistic Swimming club.

And on the topic why not many men take part in the sport:

The last two weeks have been quite heart wrenching as we heard from individuals who work in the hospitality and entertainment industry, who have been unable to make an adequate living during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. With the help of we managed to make things slightly easier for some by filling up their tip jar with a collective total of R300 000. Smile Breakfast looked back on our recipients’ stories:

We got an email about the Community Philharmonic Orchestra. They are a collective of professional and amateur musicians who come together to bring the healing power of music and also feeding programmes to disadvantaged communities. Smile Breakfast caught up with the orchestra’s director Desmond Solomon:

Some of the members of the orchestra told Smile Breakfast about what being involved with the rest of the players means to them, and how the pandemic has affected the much needed work that they do:

Maryke Haywood from heard about the great work that The Community Philharmonic Orchestra does and offered some assistance:

It’s been 3 weeks since Bobby &  Lindy started the search for Cape Town’s Loudest Snorer. It all began when the team asked everyone who sleeps next to a snoring partner to send in videos of their loved ones who keep them awake at all times of the night. Hundreds upon hundreds of videos came in. Here are some of our favourites that prove you should be wary of falling asleep around your friends and family:

Some of them were just downright adorable. Meet Archie (and his dad Pierre):

Dial-a-Bed came on board to sponsor a R20 000 bed makeover, R5000 in cash, as well as an assessment at Sleep Science. Eventually it came down to 3 finalists – Rukeyah and Mogamad, Speranda and Shane, and Gaynor and Justin. We monitored their sleeping patterns over a few days, measured their recorded results, and compared their scores on an app called Snorelab. It turns out that Justin had the loudest snore in Cape Town (by quite a big margin):

We are 7 days away from the winter solstice. The longest night of the year. So for some it’s the longest night of sleep they’ll get; but if you have a partner that snores it’s JUST the longest night of the year. There’s a woman that got so fed up with her husband’s snoring that she decided to turn it into a song and release it on every music platform worldwide:

The Smile Breakfast team got talking about what it’s like to sleep next to a snoring partner:

For some of our listeners, the self awareness of their own snoring habits came after partners, family and even neighbours told them:

For those that lie awake next to someone who snores, it can be quite the experience:

Sometimes it drives us to actually record the snoring for evidence: