Smile Breakfast got talking about some of the strangest food combinations that people find delicious. Some of the responses on Facebook were quite suspicious:

Bobby and Lindy heard of some of the strangest experiments in the kitchen:

One of the suggestions was for a “burger flavoured milkshake”, so producer Phil put Bobby’s palate to the test.

With the Challenge Thursday score gridlocked on 2-2, Bobby & Lindy went to Century Carting to show off their racing skills around the track.

In the fourth installment of Challenge Thursday, with the score at 2-1 in favour of Bobby, Lindy is going to try level the playing fields. They headed to Cape Town Fish Market to get behind the sushi bar and show off their culinary skills.

Being in some form of lockdown for most of the year has probably got you finding some very creative ways of being lazy.



Smile Breakfast heard of some of Cape Town’s finest lazy moments:

And if you’re wondering about the Smile Breakfast team themselves:

Smile Breakfast is 3 weeks into Challenge Thursdays with Bobby in the lead 2 nil. Lindy has come up short in the kitchen when they had a bake off and when the team tried archery. This week the boss challenged them to see who would be a better circus act, so off to Zip Zap academy they went.