Smile Breakfast got word of Clint and Cordelia who have been separated for 5 months because of lockdown both in South Africa and Indonesia. In March Cordelia was supposed to return from a holiday in Bali, but when South Africa closed its borders to try curb the spread of the coronavirus, she thought she would be delayed for 21 days before she could come back. Smile Breakfast caught up with Clint who told us how 3 weeks turned into 3 months:

Clint said that while they lost a lot, they needed to stay positive and strong for each other.

After 5 months of being separated, they’re on the brink of seeing each other again. Clint has a lot of appreciation for the Home Away From Home group on Facebook who helped them out. Clint and Cordelia are just days away from being reunited.

On Tuesday 4 August Bobby and Lindy caught up with Cordelia who got in touch from her quarantine facility in Johannesburg. She gave her side of the story telling us about the generosity of people in Bali, adopting island cats, what kept her mentally strong, and the news that she is finally coming home!

South African author Lauren Beukes had some exciting news about her 2013 best selling novel The Shining Girls.

Smile Breakfast caught up with Lauren to talk about the upcoming Apple Original series production, and she said she’d been sitting on the news for a while but could only make the announcement now.

“We were waiting to hear from Apple. We were a bit concerned that they were gonna take it up as a series. That news came through about three weeks ago. It’s funny, I was sitting watching Apple TV with my kid and I said ‘How great would it be to see The Shining Girls on Apple TV?’, and she was like ‘That is never gonna happen!’ And then they called and the details came through with the confirmation.”

The Shining Girls is a thriller about a time travelling serial killer, set in the Depression-era. Comparing to some of her other work, Beukes explained that the story is based in Chicago, which gave her a wider canvas to draw inspiration from.

“Chicago is somewhere I’ve lived. It feels a lot like Johannesburg which is where I grew up. There’s a lot segregation and racist policy, but it’s also this bright shining city where a lot of exciting things have happened and it’s very interesting socially.”

Writer Silka Luisa will write the adaptation and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way will produce the upcoming show. Kate Moss will also be an executive producer and will also star in the show.

Listen to the full conversation Lauren had on Smile Breakfast here:

In a time when good news is often forgotten, Smile Breakfast heard from Jackie who was contacted by a sister that she never knew she had:

Tess started the search to track down her sisters Jackie and Charmaine was:

Connie, the eldest of the four sisters, couldn’t believe that this all started with a dream she had:

In a time when we’re forced to do a lot of our connecting online, we can be very thankful for the Internet to bring these four sisters together. Jackie wrote this poem about the experience:

Smile 90.4 FM has teamed up with the Western Cape Blood Service to get 670 donations and 67 new donors ahead of Mandela Day. If you are between the ages of 16 and 75, weigh 50kg or more, are healthy on the day of donation and lead a safe sexual lifestyle, we need you to donate blood. It only takes 30 minutes of your time and could save three lives. You can find your nearest clinic here.

The Western Cape Blood Service is also looking for donations from people who have recovered from COVID-19 in their fight against the Coronavirus. Smile Breakfast spoke to Dr Caroline Hilton about donating blood after you’ve had COVID-19:

Smile Breakfast heard from Wayne Voigt who spent some time in hospital and is still recovering from COVID-19. He gave a sobering reminder of how the coronavirus can affect someone.