Kids say darnedest things…and sometimes those things leave parents red in the face. These are the moment that Smile Breakfast heard about this morning.

It’s possible they pick up on the dirty words we use:

They could make you profusely apologise to an aunty or uncle:

There are times when they are a bit too observational:

Challenge Thursday is back and the boss challenged the Smile Breakfast team to test their baking skills they got over lockdown, but with a twist. Bobby and Lindy had to each bake a cake from a premix pack but remove some key ingredients. Without eggs, oil, and milk they got creative and tried to use mayonnaise and vinegar. The team did the challenge at MRKT restaurant and YU Asian Tapas & Bar at the Onyx Hotel, part of the Newmark Hotels’ collection.

There are another 12 Challenge Thursdays before the end of the year. Who will come out on top?

Imagine for a moment that your partner was incapable of telling a lie, and you could ask them only one question. According to a survey done by medical service Superdrug Online Doctor,  73% of people have told a lie to their partner to maintain a healthy relationship.

If your partner couldn’t lie, what would your one question be? This is what Bobby and Lindy asked this morning and it seems that there were a lot of men that could be in trouble today if their partners had been listening to the show:

But it was when Melany asked her hubby this question on air that made things awkward:


There’s some research that suggests 20% of parents have told a white lie to satisfy their child’s curious mind. They come with good intentions of course. Some of the more common white lies include telling kids that eating carrots will help you see in the dark, Santa’s naughty list is real and that he’s watching at all times, and that the ice cream van’s music tells us they’ve run out of ice cream.

Smile Breakfast asked you what white lies your parents told you and what little fibs you’ve asked your kids to make life a little easier.








Have a listen to some of the funniest stories we heard this morning:

September is officially Mr.Bean Birthday Party Month. It was 30 years ago that the loved Rowan Atkinson character started delighting us. But not everyone is a fan…one of those people is Lindy from Smile Breakfast. Who thought Mr Bean could start a fight?

Love him or hate him. Mr Bean is known by all and his innocent blunders will always make us laugh. Here are Bobby’s top 5 Mr Bean moments:

5. When he tried to impress someone on a park bench with his sandwich making antics

4. When he couldn’t behave in church…much to the dismay of others

3. The time hospital patients lost their patience with him

2. When he tried to decorate his apartment with a can of paint and fireworks

1. Rowan Atkinson recalled his most memorable Mr Bean experience…and it wasn’t from the show