A viral Facebook post that’s gotten over 10 thousand shares has reminded parents that giving them your phone to play with might not be the best idea in the world. Kelsey Burkhalter Golden shared a post of her 2 year old son who made a massive fast food order from food delivery service DoorDash without her looking. “I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested,” her post read.

Credit: Kelsey Burkhalter Golden

The Smile Breakfast team asked our listeners what their kids have done when they got hold of their phones, and we were never ready. Some had spent a substantial amount of money:

Some left their phones dirty….or too clean:

Of course there were the obligatory voice notes sent to random contacts:

Above all, we learned that kids are not above sending pictures to your family that you don’t want them to see:

With the rise of technology in the digital age comes a rise in fraudsters trying their best to get hold of personal information and money. While a lot of scams are easy to spot, criminals are becoming a lot smarter with how they trap their victims. According to Business Tech 45% of respondents in a consumer study were targets of fraudulent behaviour.

These were the most common types of scams, according to the study by consumer credit agency TransUnion:

Credit: Business Tech

Smile Breakfast got talking about scams that we’ve all seen when Lindy got this SMS (something that probably looks very familiar to a lot of us):

So Lindy decided to give Mr Mark a call:

Of course Lindy didn’t call back, but we’ve come to learn that this particular scam has been doing the rounds since at least 2014. Victims would typically be asked by the scammer to pay money into an account so a transfer of the prize money can take place. We gave tech expert Brendon Petersen a call to hear about some of the more common scams he’s noticed lately:

While most of us can probably spot the red flags and smell a scam pretty quickly, there are some very intricate and smart fraudsters out there. Terrence, someone who had invested in cryptocurrency, gave us a call to talk about a Bitcoin scam that he fell victim to:

But you will always have people trying to take a fat chance. These were some of the not-so-intricate scam attempts we heard of this morning:

A conversation started on Friday on Smile Breakfast about Mother’s Day gifts. We know there are times when you’d much rather have NOT received a certain present, despite the thought that supposedly counts. We’re just glad that Bobby didn’t go through with this idea:

This started a debate about whether or not gifts can actually be offensive

As it turns out, you’ve also received a few gifts that offended you

As bothersome as some of these gifts were, we were never ready for this story. It’s a good example of the importance of knowing your target audience.

After months of frustration and incorrect guesses the Smile Secret Sound has been cracked! Andries Geldenhuys from Franschhoek won R50 000 by correctly identifying it as “Pulling a disinfectant wipe out of the container and tearing it off.” If you missed it, here is what happened this morning:

He was spot on with his guess. Here is video evidence of the sound being recorded:

The stars aligned for Andries who said he had looked out for clues all over our website. He also played the Smile Breakfast quiz last week which gave him the opportunity to jump the queue of callers today, which proves that it pays to listen to Smile Breakfast and keep your eyes on our website. Congratulations, Andries!

Andries Geldenhuys is R50 000 richer

With music’s biggest night that took place over the weekend, Smile Breakfast decided to have their own take on the Grammy Awards. The team wondered if there were any grandmas who deserved their own ‘grammy award’. We all have a fond memory of our grandmothers, which is what listeners told Bobby and Lindy about this morning. So we gave them awards for their legendary granny traits:

There were some extremely treasured memories. Like when this granny got our medical hero award for delivering her own grandchild:


Then we had the best frikkadel award:


The cheeky award:


The thuglife granny award:


The stunt award for grannies:


And the award for the granny who believes it’s 5 o-clock somewhere in the world: