Written by: Lindy Lehto

F1, now more than ever, has become a platform for fashion. Drivers love showing off their personal style both on the track and at events like Fashion Week. Here are  F1’s most stylish drivers this year. 

Lewis Hamilton

It’s no secret, Lewis loves fashion. If I could sum up his style in one word, it would be ‘flashy’. Lewis isn’t afraid to dress boldly and turn a few heads. He’s often said it’s his way of expressing himself and having a bit of fun in a very high pressure environment and there’s nothing wrong with that.

One of the looks that really had tongues wagging was the blue and black Burberry kilt with a matching top and trousers he wore to the Turkish Grand Prix in 2021. It was striking to say the least, but somehow Lewis managed to pull it off. 



Daniel Ricciardo

Lewis may have to make some space on the fashion podium this year because he’s not the only driver who’s turning heads with his sense of style. Vanity Fair magazine did a feature on a select few F1 drivers this year and I simply cannot get enough of the photos. All the drivers were styled impeccably but my favourite has to be Daniel Ricciardo in a pink satin Gucci jumpsuit that would make Harry Styles Jealous


George Russell 

It’s hard to believe that George is only 24 years old as he has such an impeccable sense of style. It’s classy and understated. The kind of thing you’d want your boyfriend to wear the first time you bring him home to meet your parents. When it comes to style, George has yet to put a foot wrong.


George Russel has the best F1 fashion style

Charles Leclerc 

Like Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc also has a passion for fashion. In an interview with F1.com the F1 driver revealed he’d like to start his own streetwear label. Charles also mentioned in the interview that sketching his own designs is an outlet for his creativity and helps him think about something other than racing. I’d be interested to see what he does with his own label. 


Charles Leclerk for F1 Fashion

At the end of the day, fashion is what you make of it – if you’re comfortable in it and you own it, you’ve won already. If you use it to distract you from a stressful situation – why not? If it’s a creative outlet; good on you!  That’s the beauty of fashion.

Written by: Lindy Lehto

They say “behind every successful man, is a woman”. 


This is particularly true of one of Formula 1’s most successful drivers, Lewis Hamilton. Whenever you see him outside of his racing car, his assistant Angela Cullen is never far behind. But Angela is so much more than just an assistant, she’s also Lewis’ Performance Coach, Physiotherapist, driver, friend and confidant. 


I’ve always been intrigued by Lewis’ right hand woman so I did some digging & she’s a force to be reckoned with!  Here are 5 things I learned about her: 


1. She’s a kiwi and a former athlete


Angela was born in Auckland, New Zealand. She’s 47 and has been passionate about sport her whole life. 

In an interview with her employer Hintsa Performance she said: “I have always had a passion for all sports. I was hugely competitive and got involved in everything from netball, soccer, cricket, volleyball, basketball, to swimming and athletics. If there was a sports team, I wanted to be part of it.

“But it was field hockey that I represented New Zealand in from the ages of 15 to 21. This was my first introduction to high-performance sports and human performance.”

“Being hugely competitive I have always loved the challenge of getting the best out of myself which was soon to translate into getting the best out of others.

Growing up, Angela didn’t just shine on the sports field, she was an academic too and loved maths, science and anatomy. This lead her to obtain a university degree in Health Science and Physiotherapy.

With her passion for sports and love for the sciences, working as a Performance Coach would be a perfect fit. 

Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen
Phot cred: http: ilverarrows.net/
2. She’s a trained physiotherapist


After qualifying as a Physiotherapist in New Zealand, Angela moved to the UK. 

It was there that she worked with professional athletes in a variety of sports from track and field to cycling, and even triathletes on the British Olympic team. In 2016 Her colleague Peter McKnight suggested she work exclusively with Lewis Hamilton, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.


3. She’s married with two children 


It’s hard to believe with her busy schedule, but Angela is also a wife and mom of two! I have no idea how she manages to balance it all, but I suppose time management is one of her many skills. 

She lives in Switzerland with her husband (who is a cycling coach) and their son and daughter. 

And if you’re wondering how she stays in shape, she revealed: “On any given race weekend day I can do up to 18,000 steps, this is such a blessing… and I don’t sit down at all.

“This is a choice… staying upright, moving keeps my body fit and mobile, in a world where computers and devices are making us more sedentary, to be able to move constantly throughout the day is such a blessing.”

Angela Cullen on her family
4. Angela & Lewis have matching tattoos


You know two people are committed to one another when they have matching tattoos. Angela and Lewis both have the word “Loyalty” tattooed on their wrists.  F1 photographer Kym Illman shared some insights saying: 

“She’s loyal to Lewis, so loyal in fact, that on her wrist she has loyalty tattooed, like Lewis has on his wrist. The inner-circle are loyal to each other,”

“One of her roles is to get Lewis to the track. Sometimes she even has to act as a bodyguard for Lewis.

“It is her role to eliminate all the distractions for Lewis over a race weekend, so for 4 days, she’s with him almost every minute of those 4 days.”


5. They share a very close bond 


In an interview, Lewis revealed: “Angela and I are naturally incredibly close. We pretty much live together.”

Previously, he said: “People for sure won’t understand it, naturally, because they see it from a distance, but she has been one of the greatest things that’s happened to me in my life.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of people… and she’s the single hardest-working woman that I get to be around.

“She’s focused, selfless, and she makes my weekends peaceful. Every day I wake up, whatever time it is, she’s just positive – never a single day has she been negative, so that’s very, very important.”


Angela is such an inspiring woman. She’s a wife, a mom the most valuable assistant in sport and all round badass! She’s absolute goals. You can follow her exciting life on Instagram. 


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Written by: Lindy Lehto 

The popular Netflix series Drive to Survive has played a major role in attracting new fans to Formula One. I, for one, found myself binge-watching the entire 4th season in one day when it was released in March.  The show is particularly popular in the United States where there will be three races per season from 2023. It was recently announced that Las Vegas will host a night race next year, much to the drivers’ excitement.


The show has also added to the interest in the Australian GP, which is back after a two year absence. Australian Grand Prix Corporation boss Andrew Westacott was quoted as saying: “I’ve had first-hand experience of people I wouldn’t have thought were interested in F1 buying tickets and telling me they’re coming along because of Netflix. It’s been a marketing phenomenon.”


Drive To Survive might have increased interest in the sport, but some of the drivers have criticized the show for transforming facts to create a certain narrative. 

One driver who’s spoken out against the show is Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.  Max refused to take part in season 4 telling BBC Sport: “I watched two episodes, but I was not very impressed. It’s just not my thing, faking rivalries.”  Citing an incident between Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo he went on to say: “Lando and Daniel are two great people I know – they have really great characters and immediately at the second episode it looks like they are not very friendly to each other, and for me that’s not correct and that’s why I’m also not a part of it.”

Max Verstappen on Drive To Survive
Photo cred: Formula 1

As for Daniel Ricciardo himself, he seems more tolerant of the show saying: “For sure there’s times where you want a little bit of space or privacy, but I do think if you let them know ‘no cameras in this room’ or something then they’re pretty good with that. It’s been okay.”


When Lando Norris was asked how he feels about the show, he didn’t seem to be phased about the narrative and even defended it. In an interview he said: “You can choose a lot of things which almost go in and don’t go in. I’m happy, I think it’s a cool thing. Especially coming to America, there’s so many people now into F1 just because of watching Drive to Survive. I think I come across on it alright! I hope I don’t come across in a bad way or an idiot or anything. I think they do a good job.”


Another driver who’s reacted positively to the show is Esteban Ocon. He said; “I think Netflix has changed a lot of my life, not just the public stuff but also my career,”…”In difficult times where I didn’t have a seat, that came out and people could actually see that I was desperate to have a drive again, and that probably helped for my career, to come back.”


As for Kimi Raikkonen, in typical Iceman style, he said: “I haven’t watched it so I have no idea what they’ve done”. 


Whether the show creates false rivalries or not, one thing’s for sure, this captivating melodrama has given millions of people around the world a brand new passion and it’s not going anywhere. 


Written by: Lindy Lehto 

Formula One’s audience base has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years thanks to Netflix’ Drive To Survive and social media. Drivers have massive online followings and whether they’re posting a glimpse into their personal lives on Instagram or hilarious behind-the-scenes antics, fans just can’t get enough. 

In the lead up to the 2022 season I found myself craving F1 content and found a few gems online. Here are my top 5 hilarious F1 videos:


5: Carlos Sainz & Lando Norris take on the McLaren Milk Challenge

Carlos and Lando each take turns to complete a slalom course and a brake test with their team-mate in the passenger seat holding a very full bowl of milk on their lap. The one who spills the least, wins! These two are super funny and it looks like they have a genuine friendship

I just feel sorry for the person who’s job it is to get rid of that new ‘cow’ smell…

4: Sebastian Vettel & Charles Leclerc do the Hourglass Challenge 

Speaking of challenges, this one had me laughing too. Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel were tested on how well they know their five senses. The way Charles gives the wrong answers so confidently gets me every time. These guys make fun of each other in such a sweet way, it warms my heart.  If you watch this for only one reason, it should be the way Charles says “Soya Soas”. 

3:  Snack Wars with Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo

These guys have to be my favourite duo in F1. Danny Ric & Lando share and rate some of their favourite nostalgic treats from their homes in Australia and the U.K. After watching this video I’m convinced if the whole racing driver thing doesn’t work out, Danny definitely has a future as food critic. Lando, not so much…


2: Norris, Russell, Leclerc & Albon compete in hilarious F1 quiz

The guys take The twitch Quartet Challenge in this hilarious F1 video to see how well they know each other. In doing so, we get to know them a little better too. I now know who to call if I’m ever being attacked by giant hornets! 

1: C² Challenge – The Song Challenge

In my final video Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz see who can guess the artist and song title the quickest and it’s so much fun to watch. The singing, the dance moves, the playful rivalry – I just love these two!  I guess this is as close as I’ll ever get to my fantasy of playing Noot Vir Noot with an F1 driver. 

Written by: Lindy Lehto

It feels like everybody is still talking about the controversial end to the 2021 season so I can hardly believe the 2022 car launch season is already here! We’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see what the teams reveal this year so here’s a look at my top 5  livery reveals. 



Haas was the first Formula 1 team to unveil its car livery and design for the 2022 season. It isn’t too different from last year’s car which isn’t too exciting. However, after Russia launched an all-out invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February, the Haas F1 Team announced that it will drop the team’s title sponsor Uralkali livery for the third day of preseason testing at Circuit de Barcelona in Catalunya. Without that logo, the car will be all white. They’ve taken this decision as Uralkali is Dmitry Mazepin’s company and he is known as a close associate of President Vladimir Putin.  


Haas 2022 liveries Formula 1 car, the VF-22

Image credit: www.formula1.com


Red Bull

Red Bull ‘s new title partner is American tech giant Oracle and the company’s name will be front and centre on its car this season.

Another notable change is the number one on the front of the car. Sebastian Vettel was the last reigning champion to carry the number on his car and now Max Verstappen will proudly display it this season. 


Red bull 2022 F1 livery

Photo Credit: the-race.com


Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s new livery reveal had the internet talking. They opted for a shade of metallic green in the hope that it will make the car ‘pop’ on tv and stand out more than last year’s car. For the most part, it was well received but there were a few people who pointed out that it reminded them of the tracksuits worn in the Netflix hit Squid Game. While funny, I think that association is a little far fetched. 

The pink highlights of the previous sponsor BWT will also be replaced with lime green stripes. 


Aston Martin has unveiled the AMR22

Photo Credit: gpblog.com



McLaren’s livery reveal was mostly positive. The traditional papaya orange was paired with a new shade of blue and I think it’s a thing of beauty. It also looks really good as a Lego set and yes, I’ve already written my letter to Father Christmas. 

McLaren revealed its new F1 car liveries MCL36
Photo Credit: planetf1.com



Ferrari have opted for a darker shade of red this season and paired it with black. The fans are loving it. The general consensus is that it’s the  best looking Ferrari since the Schumacher era.  Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc  said he loves the more aggressive look but will like it even more if it’s fast on the track. Carlos Sainz also gave the car his stamp of approval. 

Ferrari's new F1 car liveries , the F1-75
Photo Credit: africa.espn.com


Mercedes have gone back to their traditional silver livery for the 2022 season. Team Principal Toto Wolff explained the decision saying: 

“The black livery was a clear intent and a clear demonstration of our mission to become a more diverse and inclusive team,”.

“It has become part of our DNA, but the silver colour of the Silver Arrows is as much our DNA, it’s our history. As a team we have grown from the Silver Arrows to slowly becoming a more diverse and inclusive team and therefore our colours going forward will be silver and black”.  There have been a few bad jokes about how the silver is symbolic of Lewis Hamilton  narrowly missing out on first place and the world championship title last season, but Lewis isn’t laughing. 

An overhead look at the Mercedes F1 car liveries

Photo Credit: africa.espn.com


As a McLaren fan, my team’s car has already become my laptop’s wallpaper but no matter how pretty they look, it’s all about how they perform on the track.