Eric Abraham and the Fugard Theatre present a brand new, original production of this huge-hearted, smash-hit musical. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical, Tony Award for Best Original Score, Tony Award for Best Choreography and Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical, Kinky Boots has played to sold out houses on Broadway and in the West End since 2013. This mega-hit is a must see for all musical theatre fans.

Charlie Price has reluctantly inherited his father’s shoe factory, Price & Son, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Trying to live up to his father’s legacy and save his family business, Charlie finds inspiration in the form of Lola, a fabulous entertainer in need of some sturdy stilettos. As they work to turn the factory around, this unlikely pair find that they have more in common than they ever dreamed possible, and discover that when you change your mind about someone, you can change your whole world.

You could win a set of four tickets (including snacks and drinks) and a R 2 000 Zando Boots voucher, to buy your own set of Kinky Boots.

Kinky Boots Final


Competition closes Friday 13th December

Ts & Cs apply


The Mirage Forever Summer Concert’s 3rd addition to the season brings you one of South Africa’s biggest Gold selling songwriter, producer, TIMO ODV.

Join us on the crystal clear waters of the Cape Atlantic seaboard this Holiday Season on SAs largest and most luxurious yacht, The Mirage, for an unforgettable cruise as we set sail to Clifton Beach where we will experience an unforgettable concert at sea.

Enjoy the summer sun and beautiful views of the Cape while enjoying everything the Mirage has to offer! Take a dip in the ocean in comfort with our blow-up pool take a wild ride down our water slide or simply grab one of our floatables and relax in the sun!

The Forever Summer experience awaits!


Date – 15 December 2019

Place – The Mirage Yacht, V&A Waterfront

Cruise Duration – 6 – 7 hours

Boarding Time – 12:00

Departure Time – 13:00

Docking Time – 19:00


Call 071 428 11 26, book through, or find @Miragecatamaran on Facebook.

Tickets are limited, so book now or you’ll literally ‘miss the boat’. The Mirage ‘Forever Summer Concert Series’ is presented in association with Smile 90.4FM.





Friday 29 November

  • A desoldering pump when you push the plunger down and it pops back up

  • The sound of the Opener text alert on a phone



Thursday 28 November

  • A purchase being made on a vending machine

  • A cup being placed in a dishwasher and the door being closed



Wednesday 27 November

  • Unlocking, opening and shutting a slam-lock security door

  • Putting the can in, flipping the lever and lighting a portable gas stove



Tuesday 26 November

  • Throwing ice cubes into a glass and then opening a fizzy drink

  • Throwing a sugar cube into a cup of coffee



Monday 25 November

  • Locking and releasing a vice grip

  • Opening a briefcase that has a combination lock



Friday 22 November

  • Cocking the slide mechanism of an air gun

  • A bedside lamp with a string being switched on and off



Thursday 21 November

  • Scraping out a dish with a knife and fork and putting it back on the table

  • Opening an industrial cooler



Wednesday 20 November

  • Taking ice from an ice bucket, putting it in a glass and closing the ice bucket lid

  • Pushing down on a paper punch



Tuesday 19 November

  • A Zippo lighter being flipped open, the wheel spun and the lid closed again

  • A cube of ice being dropped into a glass of liquid



Monday 18 November

  • Opening and closing a lever arch file and then pressing the clip that holds the papers down

  • A toaster, when you press the lever down and push the button to release it again



Friday 15 November

  • A key in a padlock

  • A glass jar being put into a fridge



Thursday 14 November

  • An industrial nail gun being loaded and then used

  • A teaspoon being loaded into a dishwasher and the dishwasher being closed



Wednesday 13 November

  • A metal coil spring Slinky toy going down stairs

  • The launch mechanism that reloads and releases a clay pigeon



Tuesday 12 November

  • Picking up car keys, opening the car door and closing it

  • When you unlock, open and close the petrol flap on your car



Monday 11 November

  • Lifting the tab, peeling and popping the lid off a tin of food

  • Dropping some glass in a rubbish bin and closing it



Friday 08 November

  • Inserting a bank card into an ATM

  • Placing a container on the glass plate in a microwave and shutting the door



Thursday 07 November

  • A glass bottle opening and the contents being poured into a glass

  • Launching the steel ball in a pinball machine



Wednesday 06 November

  • A stapler

  • Taking a music cassette out of its cover and closing the cover



Tuesday 05 November

  • A tiler’s trowel hitting against a ceramic tile

  • An umbrella opening



Monday 04 November

  • A nut that’s being loosened and removed from somebody’s wheel

  • Opening and closing a microwave’s door after the time is up



Friday 01 November

  • Walking through a three-spike turnstile

  • Curtains on a curtain rail that’s closing



The alarming data and occurrences of gender based violence and violence against children in our society continues to alarm and sadden us all.

Community Chest invites you, your family, friends and company to them on the Grand Parade as an act of solidarity to make this scourge, which continues to affect all of us, the focus of our 2019 Community Chest Twilight 5km Run/Walk on 3 December. 

Community Chest endeavours to create one of the largest gatherings to honour the 3915 women and children that have lost their lives due to femicide, abuse, neglect, rape and brutality.

Our collective voice can #changethestory and echo #enoughisenough as this year’s Twilight Run places the spotlight on Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

Enter online at





Thursday 31 October

  • Putting a toothbrush in a glass and closing the bathroom cabinet door

  • Rotating a spray-paint can so that the little ball inside moves up and down



Wednesday 30 October

  • A coin spinning and someone stopping it with their hand

  • The loading of a mousetrap and the mousetrap snapping down



Tuesday 29 October

  • Peeling open a tin or a can

  • Closing a glass jar’s lid with a wire snap locking mechanism



Monday 28 October

  • A button release umbrella opening up

  • Cocking a pellet gun and shooting at a target



Friday 25 October

  • The springs of a trampoline when someone is jumping on it

  • A car’s cigarette lighter being pushed in and popping back out



Thursday 24 October

  • Putting money in a gumball machine, pulling the lever and the gumball falls out

  • A car seat being unclipped and clipped



Wednesday 23 October

  • A toilet roll holder being removed and replaced again

  • A car driving over a metal ramp



Tuesday 22 October

  • Cracking a raw egg on the side of a glass bowl and dropping it in the bowl

  • A cooldrink vending machine



Monday 21 October

  • Opening a Zippo lighter, lighting it and closing it again

  • A stapler



Friday 18 October

  • A safe that’s opening and closing

  • A pinball machine



Thursday 17 October

  • Unscrewing a coffee jar, scooping a spoon of coffee and putting the lid back

  • A magazine being loaded into a gun and the slide released



Wednesday 16 October

  • Playing with a yo-yo

  • Turning on an appliance like a gas heater



Tuesday 15 October

  • Playing air hockey and scoring a goal

  • Closing a beer bottle with a bottle cap sealing machine



Monday 14 October

  • Pressing down on an old typewriter keyboard and the hammers get stuck

  • Releasing the arrow from the bow when doing archery



Friday 11 October

  • Plastering cement onto a wall with a steel trowel

  • A spinning ashtray when you push it down and it comes back up



Thursday 10 October

  • A hammer hitting the panel on the strength test game at a carnival

  • Opening a bottle with an old-style bottle opener next to a fridge



Wednesday 09 October

  • Opening a can of cooldrink

  • Putting a dish in a dishwasher and closing the door



Tuesday 08 October

  • Putting staples into a stapler

  • The opening and closing of a till



Monday 07 October

  • A chrome stamp that rotates when you press it down

  • Opening and closing the latch of a door



Friday 04 October

  • Putting your money into a jukebox and it flips a CD before it starts playing

  • Typing on an old school typewriter and then pulling the lever back



Thursday 03 October

  • Closing a glass jar with the little metal clip on the side

  • When you take a landline phone and put it back in its holder



Wednesday 02 October

  • Throwing a pen into a glass

  • Opening a bottle of wine with a cork opener pulling the cork out



Tuesday 01 October

  • A tractor picking up metal

  • Hitting a ball with a cricket bat against a tin