Picture the scene, 5 strangers are seated in the car for as long as possible. They can leave the car at any time but the last one remaining in the car wins the car.

A combination of Survivor and Big Brother built into one amazing reality campaign.

For the first time in Cape Town, Smile 90.4 FM and McCarthy Volkswagen Parow presents Live Inside & Win The Ride.

How competitive are you? Are you known for your stamina? Could you endure …anything?

Well you could WIN A brand new VW Polo VIVO, courtesy of Volkswagen McCarthy Parow.

But first….you have got to make it your home…with four other people and stick it out for as long as it takes, last one out wins the ride!

We undertook the gruelling task of selecting the right mix of contestants who will battle it out for that Polo Vivo!

The prize is a brand new Polo Vivo courtesy of Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen Parow, the challenge is to endure as long as it takes inside the car with 4 strangers. They claim to have what it takes to drudge it out in the confines of a vehicle with the goal of driving off with it at the end of the competition.

We’ve sifted and trawled through all your entries, faced with the gruelling task of selecting the 5 hopefuls, one of which will eventually own the Polo Vivo.



Click on each finalist to find out more…





Read the rules here


It’s selection week for Live Inside & WIN the Ride!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the contestants’ screening interviews.

Finalists will be announced 9 March at 7:10am on Smile Breakfast.


Last year, we brought you the ‘Breathe out Proudly, For Longer’ competition with ‘Clorets 40 Minutes’, where we asked you to tell us about your most awkward moments.

Those moments have been put together in the first-ever Clorets limited edition game, called ‘Breathe Out Proudly, For Longer – The Game’. It’s a fun and intricate game that tests your wit and problem-solving skills.

Complete the entry form below to win one of five limited edition games.


Competition closes 5 March 2020

Clorets, the #1 fresh breath expert, believes that in moments like these we all need a little more confidence that will make us Breathe Out Proudly, For Longer.

During every workday, there is one thing on everyone’s mind – what’s for lunch? But as the saying goes: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That was true until now.

Smile 90.4FM is changing the way every workweek ends with Free Food Fridays..!

There is only one requirement: You have to listen to Smile 90.4FM at your place of work.

Sign up for your business by completing the entry form below – and we could be visiting your office on Friday with AUTHENTIC THAI FOOD from SIMPLY ASIA, for you and your colleagues.


Free Food Fridays



Think Thai for a change, Think Simply Asia – South Africa’s trendiest Thai food and noodle bar.

Exotic taste sensations that leave us wanting more is something we’ve come to expect from our favourite Thai brand. Simply Asia is the dining alternative that immediately springs to mind when craving delectable and colourful cuisine. Known for being bold and flavoursome with a harmonious blend of spices, Thai food is equally satisfying to the palette, eyes and sense of smell.
A healthy, soul pleasing meal selection has become all the rage these days and what better way to explore exciting new tastes then getting lost in a journey of the finest ingredients in Thai cuisine.

Each Simply Asia Thai Food and noodle bar chef has received extensive training in the preparation of each authentic dish before being placed in the store. This ensures that the quality of food is maintained throughout all Simply Asia restaurants nationally.

Ever wanted to take control of a radio station and choose the music..? Now’s your time..!

The Smile 90.4FM 7-Day Music Makeover is ON…

The mission: to bring you better music… and more of it!

Fill out the music survey below! Tell us what you think… then keep listening.

In just 7 days… we’re bringing you the music… that you want to hear..!