Bobby and Lindy went scratching through the Smile Secret Sound ref’s office and they may have found something to help you crack it for R50 000. We play at 20 past 7 and 20 past 8 every morning!

In only one week, Smile 90.4FM’s listeners have identified all four mystery celebrities inside the Polo Vivo Trendline that we’re giving away.

On Friday morning, the 8th of March, Nicole van den Munckoaf correct named celebrity number four as Shakira, and won herself a brand new VW Polo Vivo Trendline 1.4 to the value of R200 000.

So, the four celebrities in the car were: Meghan Markle, Siya Kolisi, Peter Dinklage and Shakira.

Congratulations Nicole! Smile 90.4FM and McCarthy Volkswagen Parow wish you many years of safe and happy driving.

But don’t forget … there is still a bag of cash in the boot. Guess how much and you can win it all!!

For more information on the WHO’S IN THE CAR? competition … click here.

Wednesday the 6th of March was a WINNING WEDNESDAY on Smile 90.4FM.

On Smile Breakfast, Tarryn Petersen, correctly identified Meghan Markle – Dutchess of Sussex – as the first celebrity in the car and won herself R10 000!

Then, during Ewan Strydom’s show from 12:00 to 15:00, David Biggs correctly identified Siya Kolisi and Peter Dinklage as celebrities number two and three and in the process won himself R20 000!

So, there is only one mystery celebrity left to identify. And the person to do that will win the Polo Vivo Trendline worth R200 000 from McCarthy Volkswagen Parow.

And don’t forget … there is still a bag of cash in the boot. Guess how much and you could win it all!!


For more information on the WHO’S IN THE CAR? competition … click here.


Donating blood, like becoming an organ donor, is one of the most selfless, yet completely simple things to do in life. And it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Bloodstock levels in the Western Cape decline during the festive season – just as the number of road accidents spike. For the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service (WPBTS), maintaining a five-day blood stock level through this period is critical, as it ensures that hospitals have sufficient safe blood to treat everyone.

Cynics might ask why they need to give their blood, just so that someone involved in a drunken late-night crash might live. Well, that someone in that crash might be your loved one, fighting for his or her life after someone else, unthinkingly, sped through a red light at an intersection.

Maintaining a five-day bloodstock is difficult at the best of times.

Bloodstock at the WPBTS usually hovers around a two-day supply, year-round, which just shows how much work needs to be done, to encourage and educate new donors.

WPBTS Corporate Public Relations Officer, Michelle Vermeulen, says many of their regular donors are away or very busy during the holiday season. At the same time, their external blood donation clinics at corporate offices, schools and factories close for the December break.

To mitigate the impact of the shortage, the WPBTS is appealing to all residents, regular donors and holidaymakers to set aside just 30 minutes of their day to visit a clinic. Each donation could save up to three lives.

Here at Smile 90.4FM we definitely ended the year on a high note as we hosted the WPBTS at our new offices for our final blood drive of 2018.

More than 70 Smile 90.4FM listeners and our own staff members came out to give their pint of blood. Nearly half of the donors had never donated before, which is really a big deal. It also means, that the blood donated at our offices on the day, a whopping 33,25 litres, potentially already saved about 210 lives.

Thank you to all those who came through to give some of your life-giving blood.

But let’s not stop there. It shouldn’t just be a priority some of the time when it’s convenient for you. Make it your mission to seek out a blood donation clinic every eight weeks.

It’s never been easier. You can download the WP Blood app to find your nearest donation point. You can also follow them on Facebook (WP Blood) on Twitter (@WPBlood) and Instagram (wp_blood).

For those who are social media challenged, you can also contact their offices around the province, so even if you’re on holiday, please make some time to donate.

It’s 30 minutes of your time, and totally worth it:

Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula region includes Cape Town’s northern and southern suburbs, as far as Durbanville in the north and Simon’s Town in the south. Phone 021 507 6364.


The Paarl branch hosts regular clinics in the Boland area, the Helderberg basin, and as far as Lambert’s Bay on the West Coast. Phone 021 871 1030.


The Worcester branch includes the Breede River Valley, Beaufort-West, Swellendam, Ceres, Tulbagh and Hermanus. Phone 023 342 2450.


The George branch services the Southern Cape region encompassing Plettenberg Bay on the coast, Oudtshoorn and Ladysmith in the Karoo, and Heidelberg, Stilbaai and Riversdale. Phone 044 874 2074.


The list of graduates each year from Stellenbosch University makes for interesting and heartwarming reading. A story that immediately stood out in the press release was that of 27-year-old Xolani Hadebe who has shown what true tenacity really means.

After completing matric at his rural school in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga, Xolani says he had his heart set on becoming a doctor, even though he had no idea how tough it was going to be to realise his dream.

He received numerous rejection letters from all of the Medical Schools in the country, and he knew that his mom would never be able to afford his university applications, having worked as a domestic worker her entire life. His father passed away when he was very young.

But he never gave up on his dream, and so he decided to get a job as a till packer at his local SPAR, saving as much as he could.

Working in a supermarket was one of the hardest things he has ever done. Packing groceries for his former classmates, at times, hiding, so they do not see nor pity him for working at the grocery store while they continue with their studies.

Over time he saved enough and was accepted to study at Stellenbosch University. This week he finally reached his dream and graduated as a Medical Doctor.

He says he couldn’t have done it without his family.

I was over the moon that I finally obtained this degree, there were a lot of challenges along the road and I am so grateful for the support from my family, especially my mom.”

Dr Hadebe says, while he is back at home to spend some time with his family, he is looking forward to his future challenges.

“It’s good because another doctor has added to the list in South Africa to ease the burden of disease in the country, and I really want to help heal the nation. Next year I start my first year of internship at Newcastle Hospital and I really just want to become a well-rounded physician, a well-rounded surgeon.”

Dr Hadebe also has some advice for other young people, who may have obstacles in their road to success.

“Seek the right support, pick your friends and your environment wisely, choose friends who want to see you succeed…An I would say, don’t have too much pride, some blessings come when you’re wearing overalls.”

He says always keeping in mind ‘why’ you’re doing something can be a great motivator.

“It’s the driving fire that will keep you warm during the storm, keep you focussed like a laser. Don’t keep dwelling on the past – stay humble, work hard, it won’t be like this forever, feed your brain with positive things, and eventually, you will be done.”

Congratulations Dr Hadebe, may your fire burn brightly as you embark on your new career.