A tourist in China has captured a video of a fish that has a human face and it’s FREAKY!!! The bizarre footage went viral on Facebook (with more than 5.5m views) and the Chinese-Twitter equivalent site Weibo.

Immediately I want to call Fake News on this, but we can’t prove it’s fake…

What do you think – hoax or not?


This is so heart melting!


A video of Rolland Holland performing the same cheerleading routine as his daughter from the stands at a York High School football game in the United States has gone viral, but the dad says having more than three million people view his moves on Facebook isn’t the most important thing that’s come from learning the routine.

There are three schools in our community that are really close to each other,” Holland explained in an interview. “On the weekend prior to the game, unfortunately, three players from another high school were killed in a car accident, so it was a very somber week leading up to it. People have reached out saying this was what the community needed and that it provided a bit of hope and help with overcoming that sadness.”

Holland, who has three daughters ranging in age from 5 to 15, says he asked his daughter, Mackenzie, to teach him her routine a few weeks ago — practicing for 20 or 30 minutes at a time until he had it down. At the game he began performing it along with the squad from his seat in the bleachers a few games back. Holland and his wife, Lindsey, had seen people videoing him with their phones during his antics, but hadn’t paid much attention.

After the game, his daughter Mackenzie came rushing to him saying: Dad, you’re on Facebook!”  Most teens would be super embarrassed, but Mackenzie says seeing her  father go viral has been fun for her and her cheerleading squad. “I’m just proud that my dad’s here and that he’s doing everything with me.”

This guy right here needs to go viral. By far CHEER DAD OF THE YEAR!!!!!! This dude rocks!!!! GO YORK FALCONS!!!! #cheerdad #countyneededthis #tabbstrong

Posted by Scott Willard on Friday, 1 November 2019


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Pinterest. Look, I can get sucked into it for hours, seeing all the beautiful pictures and gathering inspiration for my home, baby nurseries, fashion, beauty tips and so on.

Now another aspect of social media, is sharing our big, exciting moments. Problem is the pressure to create picture perfect social media posts is more intense than ever.

One couple decided to go to Pinterest to get inspiration for how they could reveal their engagement in a photo!

Alyssa Snodsmith and Collin Hewett found a beautiful picture of the guy pouring champagne into this womans mouth, while sitting on a picnic blanket in a picturesque field. Easy to recreate, right?


They became internet sensations after posting a Pinterest engagement photo they were trying to re-create alongside what actually happened.

So, the couple decided to re-create the Champagne shot — and quickly discovered it wasn’t as easy as Pinterest made it look.

On the first take, Hewett was able to get some Champagne into Snodsmith’s mouth , but the angle was wrong and not very complimentary to the future bride.

So take 2 happened…

Collin ended up overpouring the champagne bottle and champagne splashed all over her face, up her nose and onto her top – the pic is hilarious.

The photographer carried on shooting and you just see Collin feeling so terrible, while Alyssa is blowing her nose trying to get the champagne out and cleaning up her clothes.

I love that it’s gone viral – it shows the reality of trying to get photos like this! We always say social media is a highlights reel and this keeps it real!

Motivating yourself to exercise can be really difficult. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, more often than not, it comes down to mental strength, than physical strength. We are VERY good at making 101 excuses why we shouldn’t go, so it’s harder to motivate yourself and get yourself in a mental space to actually go! The thing is, no one has ever regretted doing a workout. You always feel good after you have.

Fitness experts are sharing how they find the motivation to work out even when they’ve zero interest.

  1. Check in with yourself and ask yourself why? On days when you really just don’t want to work out, you have to check in with yourself. This is where you learn to understand yourself and practice positive self-talk. If it’s a day when you really don’t want to work out, ask yourself why. Is it because you’re sick? Are you really sore? Have you been training and it’s just one day that you don’t feel like it? We need rest and that’s OK. Whether it’s with training or with diet, we have a million moments in a day where we can make a positive change and a step toward what our goal is.
  2. Skip the gym and get outside: Go for a walk – even just doing something will make you feel so much better than doing nothing.
  3. Remind yourself of your goals: if you notice that you’re ghosting your workout more and more, it’s time to take a good hard look at your end goal. What do you want? What’s your goal and what are you willing to sacrifice to get that? Nothing is easy and when it comes to changing your mind, self esteem and body, nothing is free, it takes work and time…It’s about what you can do today. Don’t worry about what’s happening tomorrow.
  4. Get a workout buddy: We all know that we’re far more likely to not want to let a friend down; so if we know they’re waiting for us at the gym or at the bottom of the mountain for a hike, we’re less likely to cancel.
  5. Create a reward system: As long as the rewards have nothing to do with food. You can make it as simple as: If I go to gym 3x a week, for a whole month, I’ll spoil myself with a massage. It gives you an incentive to work towards and not just the numbers on the scale.