Friday 28 June

  • A retractable power cord

  • The brake on a fishing reel when the line is running



Thursday 27 June

  • Closing the zipper on a luggage bag

  • Front windscreen wipers



Wednesday 26 June

  • A pull-up promotional banner

  • A saloon door with a double action hinge that swings



Tuesday 25 June

  • The big latch on the double doors of a truck

  • Opening and closing a sash window



Monday 24 June

  • Moving a clothing cupboard around on a tile floor

  • A projector screen being pulled down and then released



Friday 21 June

  • A car starting up and revving

  • When you’re sandpapering wood and stroke it three times



Thursday 20 June

  • Cutting potato chips on a wooden board

  • A workbench when you’re cutting a piece of wood



Wednesday 19 June

  • A saw moving forwards and backwards

  • A hand drill machine drilling into a piece of wood



Tuesday 18 June

  • An exercise rowing machine when you push back and pull with your arms

  • A lift door opening and closing



Friday 14 June

  • A wheel gun screwing the nuts onto a car

  • Pulling and releasing the safety belt of a car



Thursday 13 June

  • A crossbow when you’re pulling it back, releasing it and it hits the target

  • Pulling on box tape when closing a box



Wednesday 12 June

  • The sound of the ATM when you draw money

  • Cutting paper with a guillotine



Tuesday 11 June

  • Unzipping your full suitcase

  • The drawstrings of a blind that’s being closed



Monday 10 June

  • Opening a cubbyhole, scratching around in it and closing it

  • Tin foil being pulled from the roll and torn off



Friday 07 June

  • A laser cutter cutting off a piece of perspex and it falls

  • The nozzle of an automatic air freshener dispenser coming out and going back in



Thursday 06 June

  • A capsule coffee machine when you pull the lever and the capsule falls out

  • Sawing off a piece of wood with a hack saw and it falls on the ground



Wednesday 05 June

  • A spring-loaded oven door that’s being closed

  • The automatic arm that picks up and sweeps away the pins when playing ten-pin bowling



Tuesday 04 June

  • Pulling the lever backwards and forwards on a silkscreen printer

  • A printer cartridge realigning itself after it’s been replaced



Monday 03 June

  • Someone taping up a cardboard box

  • Folding and running your fingers over a piece of canvass







The holiday season is all about receiving, but it’s also about giving back and helping those in need.
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Should life take an unexpected turn, we ensure that you and your family have the financial protection you need. 1Life offers affordable Life, Dread Disease, Disability and Funeral Cover, as well as the All Woman policy designed to protect women and children. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, 1Life aims to meet your needs and make things simpler. It’s as simple as 1 SMS, 1 Call, 1 Policy.

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The power of radio lies in its ability to affect how the listener feels.

Smile 90.4FM was created with the deliberate intention of putting smiles on the faces of the people of the Mother City.

The notion of highlighting news that is overtly positive and delivering it with empathy, remains alien in mainstream radio circles. And tampering with the definition of what is news, is tantamount to letting your freak flag fly high.

We are supposed to believe that keeping up with the news is important and of value, yet there is no evidence to support the rationale that placing the worst of humanity as item number one in a news bulletin, has changed the world for the better.

On the contrary, it is becoming widely accepted these days that the news contributes significantly to increased levels of anxiety and depression. Presenting information that generates fear and worry without balancing context, or suggesting solutions, cannot be morally justified. Yet, focusing on news that comes from the more admirable side of humanity is considered soft news or not news at all.

Convincing news people that they might be clinging to a relic of a dead era is not an easy job, but it is a necessary one. A decision to do just that was taken at Smile 90.4FM and the news product was changed. The positioning line ‘Amplifying the good news in the Mother City’ was introduced to clearly convey the core message of the Smile news philosophy.

The decision to innovate was not taken lightly. A great deal of thought went into understanding the psychology of audio messaging and the effects excessive negative information has on evolving multi-cultural communities in transforming markets.

Headlines that create anxiety diminish capacity for transformation. Stories that inspire and create a feeling of awe, gratitude and optimism make people open to sharing, caring and connecting.

Listeners come to Smile 90.4FM specifically for the way it makes them feel. There is no justification for our news not adhering to the same feelgood and inspirational goals as the rest of our programming content – as long as it is factually accurate, topical and relevant.

Today, 12 March The Smile Good News Network comes into being. It will carry the station’s best positive news stories and the latest trending news.

Smile 90.4FM is still a baby in the Cape Town radio market. We turn just five years old on 25 March. We’ve been blessed with steady growth over the years. Our listenership currently stands at 169,000 upper LSM, sandwich generation influencers. Over the last twelve months our listener number has grown by a healthy 36%. (BRC Ram February 2018).

While it cannot be stated with certainty that amplifying the good news in the Mother City has driven our growth, the differentiation of our news product certainly offers our listeners a more optimistic, solutions driven and humane perspective on life.

Please join us on 90.4FM if you are in Cape Town or stream us live on There’s always a reason to SMILE!