In this morning’s final of the Key To Indonesia competition via a “Your fate is in your own hands” challenge we found our winner Sharon Bannister. See the winning moment here.

Key to Indonesia finals
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On Smile 90.4FM we’ve declared it Music to Braai by Long Weekend from Saturday the 21st to Tuesday the 24th of September! (yes! we’re giving you the day off on Monday!)



But a BRAAI isn’t a BRAAI without MUSIC to BRAAI by…

So we’re asking: What is your special BRAAI SONG?


Make sure you’re tuned in to Smile 90.4FM’s ‘Music to Braai by’ Long Weekend, because if we play your BRAAI SONG between 1pm and 9pm, you could WIN your very own, limited edition, Smile-branded Braai Glove and Tongs!




Please complete the entry form below and tell us what’s your favourite BRAAI SONG:



Competition closes 24 September 2019





Say goodbye winter … and Bonjour Mauritius!!


Smile 90.4FM, Air Mauritius and The Holiday Factory are giving you the chance to win the ultimate early summer holiday in Mauritius.


You’ll be staying at the 5-Star Deluxe Heritage Le Telfair for 5 nights, with breakfast and dinner daily. Flights courtesy of Air Mauritius – now flying direct from Cape Town to Mauritius twice a week.

To win, all you need to do is:

  1. Tune in to Smile Breakfast and the Smile Drive, from 16 September to 27 September
  2. Listen out for the Air Mauritius boarding call
  3. Call the studio on 021 8188 850
  4. Clear customs successfully and get your name onto the ‘stand-by’ list

All 20 names on the ‘stand-by’ list will go into the final draw and the winner will be announced on Monday 30 September during Smile Breakfast from 06:00 to 09:00.

While texting has become an integral part of how we communicate, some things should never be communicated over text, no matter how easy or convenient they may seem!



1. A break-up. This one should come as no surprise, but avoid ending a relationship with someone in a text. It took a lot to cultivate a relationship. If you want things to end on amicable terms, don’t ever break up over text.” Have the conversation face-to-face, as long as the relationship isn’t toxic or abusive and it’s safe to do so. This way your partner can heal properly.


2. Bringing up an old argument. Although you should generally stay away from intentionally dragging up old problems, doing it over text especially is a big no-no. Not only are you stirring up old dirt, you’re doing it in a passive aggressive way that prevents someone from responding in any meaningful sort of way. Things get misunderstood over text all the time since there is no tone of voice or body language to gauge, making a text the worst possible way to bring up an old issue.


3. Sending passwords. Sending a password might seem innocent, but it can very easily fall into the wrong hands. You never really know who is seeing someone’s phone or flipping through someone’s text messages, so it’s never a good idea to send passwords via text message. Also, a phone is much easier to hack than you may think, making anything you send via text vulnerable for stealing. And let’s not forget that people lose their phones and in some cases, get them stolen.


4. Complaining about the workplace. Everyone needs to vent about their job sometimes, but be wary of expressing your negative feelings in a text message, especially to a coworker. Friends (especially co-workers) can quickly become foes, and your job could become in jeopardy if those texts were shared with the wrong people.


5. Unsolicited sexually suggestive photos. You definitely want to make sure the person on the receiving end is OK with what you’re sending, especially if its sexual in nature. Unwanted sexual advances happen far too often. This can include unsolicited nude photos, unwarranted sexts, and progressing with sexual conversations and requests when the person has shown no interest. Whether you’re texting or talking in person, the rules are the same: Be respectful, be aware of other people’s boundaries and, above all, find out whether someone is receptive to your advances before you make them.

You know what it’s like at work, doing the same thing over and over again.

But do you know what’s even worse than that? Hearing the same songs over and over again.

Smile 90.4FM to the rescue!

We guarantee NO REPEATS while you work – 9am to 5pm, every weekday. We promise to play only the best music with the widest variety to make your workday easy and more fun.

And to GUARANTEE our promise: we have added R 10 000 to the mix! Catch us repeating a song between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and we will give you R10 000 cold hard cash!

It’s the Smile 90.4FM R10K No Repeat Guarantee.

Cape Town’s exclusive and only No Repeat Workday.